How to check glo YAKATA bonus balance

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Glo has been dashing me bonus up and down but checking the YAKATA bonus balance has always been a major issue.

I know I am not the only one who does not know how to check Glo YAKATA bonus balance.

I later found out how to check mine, so I’m no longer in the class of Glo customers who do not know how to check Glo YAKATA bonus 😆

Of course, that is what I want to be sharing here with you today. “How to check Glo YAKATA bonus balance”

But before we get into the business of the day, let me give you a brief about Glo YAKATA.

Glo YAKATA is a plan that rewards all new customers for all their recharges.

For each recharge, you will receive a bonus airtime to call any network and bonus data to browse any webpage.

I never knew about this Glo YAKATA because I have never been a fan of Glo network from day one.

But when I moved to a new apartment, I found other networks that I have been using fluctuating, of course, you know what that means to my internet lifestyle?

To write to you a tutorial on how to check Glo YAKATA bonus, I will need to stay connected to the internet to do so.

So if I don’t have any data connection here then I cannot publish any helpful guide here for you to come and digest.

I had to test the internet speed of all the telecom providers here.

So I was left with no option but to get a Glo SIM card and eventually it was the only telecom provider with a strong 4G LTE signal in my locality.

That was how I started using Glo 😆

And one of the things that have kept me connected is the Glo YAKATA bonuses.

Each time I recharge, I will be given bonuses for browsing and calling. I never subscribed to it, anyway.

If you buy and register a new Glo SIM, you will get YAKATA once your Glo sim is activated.

Enough of the stories!

Let me share with you what brought you here.

How to check Glo YAKATA bonus balance

Knowing how to check Glo YAKATA bonus balance becomes a major point of concern if you have some bucks left in your main balance.

Once you exhaust your Glo YAKATA bonus, you will be charged from your main balance.

So it’s good you know how to check it.

To check Glo YAKATA bonus balance, simply dial *220*0# on our mobile phone and you will have your Glo YAKATA bonus balance displaying on your phone screen.

How to check glo YAKATA bonus balance

Now you know how to check Glo YAKATA bonus balance.

If you have further questions, leave them here and I’ll be glad to help you out.

…talk soon

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