How to block ads from popping up on your phone

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Ads popping up on your phone is a major point of concern to all the smartphone users as the majority of the apps we use on our smartphones are built with pop up ads.

After reading through this post, you will know how to block ads from popping up on your phone.

Ads are the major medium various apps/websites use in generating revenue, so I did say it’s a necessary evil which we all have to face.

However, these ads can be annoying and usually cause a lot of harm for users especially users whose phones aren’t so efficient in speed hence this topic.

If you are tired of seeing ads pop up on your phone, browsers, and apps, here is a couple of ideas which can help you remove them and have a pop up free smartphone.

NOTE: an attempt at blocking ads should be done at your own risk, as Techinformat will not be held responsible for any damage that may befall your devices.

However, these methods have been tested and proven to work so let’s get started.

How to block ads from popping up on your phone

1. Lucky Patcher — This is an incredible app and provides one of the simplest ways by which one can comfortably block ads from popping up on a particular application.

The application, Lucky Patcher is also used for many other purposes but for the purpose of this article, its used for modifying application settings to block pop up ads on your phone.

The app requires a rooted device to function properly but it still can be used without your device being rooted.

Once the Lucky Patcher application is installed in your device, open it and you will find a list of all the apps which are currently installed in your device.

Click on the app which pops up ads and you will see an option which will allow you to modify the application in order for all ads to be blocked.

The app’s interface I quite simple and anyone using an Android phone should be able to make use of it.

However, the process is more likely to succeed if your device is rooted. The app will also allow you to see which apps in your phone possess pop up ads.

2. Browser ad blocker — The most annoying sorts of ads are those which keeps popping up whenever you try to open a particular page, trust me I understand the feelings perfectly.

So many times I have been frustrated while trying to access a site to download a movie or any other content to the extent I had to find an alternative website or give up downloading rather than go through the stress of reprogramming or tweaking your device, the simplest way to block ads from popping up while you surf the net is simply by using browsers which have built-in ad blockers.

One of such apps is opera mini which you can get from google play store.

3. Free ad block browser — For those who prefer using Chrome and Firefox, this method is for you.

The free ad block can also be found in google play store and downloaded for free.

Once downloaded, launch the app and click on the 3 dots at the top right corner and then choose settings, site settings and after which scroll down to pop-ups and ensure that the slider is set to block.

The app also allows you to reduce the data consumed by Google Chrome when you turn on Data saver.

4. Adaway — I don’t think this app is currently in the Google play store so you can check for yourself.

This is currently one of the oldest Ad blocking applications which have ever been made and up until now it still functions amazingly.

This app requires that your phone is rooted first. Once you have downloaded the app, install and then launch.

Once you open, the first thing you are required to do is click on the download files and apply ad blocking which should be the first thing you see once the app is opened.

Once done, restart your phone and voila, all your ad problems are gone for good.

5. Adblock plus — This is an advanced application than the one listed above and you are required to sometimes pay before you download it.

However, you can go around that and download it from an insecure source through Google. Once installed, unlike

Adaway, you are not required to install any other settings. Just click ok on the first screen which is displayed and after that, you can enable ad block filtering.

6. Xposed module — There is a vast network of module out there, some of which are very complicated to make use of.

If you aren’t familiar with Xposed, below is an alternative for you.

The module minminguard. With this, all you need to do is download and install the APK file (search it on Google).

After this, open up the Xposed app, click on modules and you will find minminguard.

Hit the check mark box at the right and reboot your device. After reboot, open up Xposed, click on modules and click on minminguard.

The next screen should show you all installed apps on your phone and from there you can choose which app you desire to block pop up ads on, tap the app and you are good to go.

7. Adblock browser for Android — This is another browser with which you can simply enjoy an ad free browsing experience.

You can find the Adblock browser for Android on Google play store.

8. Adblock plus browser extension — If you have no desire to block all ads which are brought to you by various applications in your phone and only choose to block ads which disturbs your browsing experience, then the Adblock Plus browser extension is for you.

This extension can be integrated into your Firefox as well as Chrome thereby giving you a smooth browsing experience.

We all agree that ads are an evil which we ought to coil out of our phones and browsing experience due to the damages in which it causes.

But what if you were surfing through an app or a website that provides value?

Have you ever stopped for a minute to ask where they get the revenue that helps them pay the website bill to make sure it is live for you to access at any time you wish?

Blocking ads from popping up on your phone is a nice idea as it tempers with the user experience, but you should also have it in mind that blocking ads from popping up on your phone may, in turn, hurt the app/website owner as they use revenues generated from the ads to maintain the app/website.

Now you know how to block ads from popping up on your phone and why you may consider leaving it like that.

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