How to activate anti theft on android

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Here is how to activate anti theft on android.

Activating anti theft on your android secures your phone a bit from thieves.

That does not mean that your phone cannot be stolen if carelessly kept.

Anti theft if just an app that comes with an antivirus.

Now, some new model phones have this app pre-installed as one of the bundled apps on the phone.

What this app does is to send a message when the sim card of your phone is changed to a number designated in the anti theft app.

Even if you, the phone owner is the one changing the sim card, it will still send the message across.

The message that will be sent will contain the phone number of the newly inserted sim card, so if someone stole your phone and replaces your sim with a different sim, you can still have the phone number of the newly inserted sim card sent to the phone number that you will choose.

If the phone is a dual sim phone, if one of the sim cards is taken off the phone, it will still send a security message with the phone number of the sim card left in the phone, please note this.

Please note: the phone number that is set to receive the message in case anything goes wrong with your phone must not be on the same phone.

It may be a phone number of a TRUSTED friend, colleague or relative.

Better still, use the phone number of your second phone if you use two phones simultaneously.

Tip: when the security message is received, do not call the phone number received immediately, I know you want to have your phone back as soon as possible, but you might want to give the thieve sometime to forget that phone was actually stolen.

A week or two is okay, by then; he must have forgotten everything that happened and will converse normally.

You will also have to be very tactical in the conversation.

I just explained how the anti theft on Android works, now is time to activate it.

How to activate anti theft on android

In Gionee phones, it is a bundled app, I mean it’s a pre-installed app that comes with the phone, meaning that you cannot uninstall it, even when the phone is restored to its factory settings, the settings in the app cannot be changed.

The app is called “Mobile security” in Gionee phones.

The name of this app and how it functions may vary in other phone brands, though it may be pretty similar.

So this will give you an insight into how it works, as well as how to set it up.

To activate this anti theft in Gionee android phone, you need to tap the app “Mobile security”

If the application is already set up, you will be required to type in the password before you can make any change to the already existing settings.

But if it’s the first time of using the app, you will have to set up a new password and the phone number you want the message to be always sent to, in case anything goes wrong.

Now you should see a button to toggle the mobile security either on or off, since you want it on, then you toggle it on.

activate anti theft on android

If you later wish to change the phone number that has been receiving the security  message the “Modify the security information”

Should in case your phone does not have this built-in mobile security, Avast mobile antivirus can also help you achieve this.

Download avast antivirus from Google play store, and set up the anti theft for your android phone to keep it secured and safe.

Which device are you using?

Could you be kind enough to share the name of the anti theft in your own phone?

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