How I recovered my blocked domain on Facebook

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There are times where Facebook block your website or blog domain even when the offense you’ve committed does not worth to be blocked.

Sometimes, you get a response on a new domain that the domain has been blocked, how?

A new domain that has never been used before?

Maybe someone else used the domain and dumped it after it was blocked from Facebook.

You then ignorantly purchased the domain only to find out that the domain cannot be posted to Facebook.

You should not ignore this thing as Facebook has a lot of audiences to contribute to your website or blog growth.

If you blog or website domain is blocked from posting to Facebook, what if a user was reading some great contents on your blog and later wants to share it to their Facebook audience?

If your domain is blocked, that will not be possible; therefore losing a potential blog or website user.

Would you rather want to lose out of the potential blog or website users?

One of the things that triggered the publication of this post, is one of my blogs that I just unblocked using these methods.

How I recovered my blocked domain on Facebook

One of the services offered here on this blog is unblocking of domains on Facebook.

So if you have a blocked domain, bring it let us unblock it for you.

So how exactly did you do it?

I submitted a report to them that the domain should not be on their list of blocked domains.

They read it and removed it from the block list.

That was how I got my scholarship blog completely removed from the blacklist of Facebook blocked domains.

If you have submitted a report to them to remove your blog or website domain and they are not responding to your request, simply leave us a message let’s submit the request on your behalf and have your domain unblocked on Facebook.

Though that service is not free, it’s affordable.

If you have other proven ways to unlock domains on Facebook, feel free to share.

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