H&M was first a Swedish company, but it has since spread to other countries and gained fame. It started in the year 1947 with a single women’s wear store, H&M currently enjoys a global presence in various international countries.

It also owns businesses like & Other Stories and COS, which also target slightly more affluent customers.

When you examine H&M’s affiliate program, it becomes evident that its commission structure benefits new clients. Their objective, like that of many fashion businesses, is to attract new customers who they may turn into loyal ones.

With 10.5% commissions and a 30-day cookie duration, the business is providing affiliates with considerable incentives.

The program offers a variety of goods, including garments, footwear, and accessories.


H&M has more than 5000 stores under various business brands and is presently present in more than 74 countries. H&M sells high-quality apparel in all different categories.

Join the H&M Affiliate Program if you’re looking for the greatest and highest-quality fashion products to recommend to your blog or social media viewers.

They provide CPA payments, and their affiliate commission is decent. You can count on receiving payments on schedule and with quick customer service. If you enjoy a sizable following in the UAE, KSA, and Kuwait, you shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to participate in this rewarding referral program.

Users can share H&M bargains with their network through the H&M affiliate program. Every successful transaction made using the affiliate link will result in a commission for the user. Once validated, this commission can be deposited into the user’s bank account.

H&M will always be a novel product for you to market because it has thousands of stylish products to choose from. You can publish reviews, about current trends, and offer fashion advice as their affiliate to build a solid audience.


  1. Earning Potential

By marketing various H&M products for men, women, and kids, affiliate marketers can make anywhere from 5,000 to 7000.

  1. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

Within 36 hours of a successful transaction with a “pending” status, the commission from every H&M sale will be logged into your account. If the goods are not returned or exchanged, the commission is “verified” within 80 days after the transaction and becomes qualified to be sent to your account.

  1. Payment

The minimum withdrawal amount on EarnKaro is ₹10. Once you reach that point, it is simple to ask for a commission deposit into your bank account.

4. Cost-Per-Action

Every month at the conclusion, commissions are handed out, and their affiliate partner, the DCM network, controls them. You will make money as an affiliate of H&M by receiving commissions based on the cost-per-action model (CPA).

According to a percentage, the H&M affiliate program provides commissions to its partners. As a result, affiliates working for H&M can earn up to 4.25% in commissions for every sale made. H&M is well-known, and because its clothing is in high demand, its affiliates can be sure that, if they work hard, they will earn respectable income each month.


1. To join the H&M affiliate program, you will have to register with the DCM Network, an affiliate partner with H&M. The H&M affiliate program is accessible to affiliates through the DCM Network by registering.

2. After registration, the DCM Network publisher team will review and then approve your profile. Following approval, you will have access to all the resources you require to succeed as an H&M affiliate. You may log into your dashboard to check all of the offers and commissions that are currently available.

3. After you register and access the H&M affiliate program, the DCM network will allow you to have all the information you need. By bringing in additional consumers to H&M, you will also receive the support necessary to optimize your commissions.


With a YouTube channel, you can increase your sales because potential customers can now view what you have to offer in addition to reading it. Additionally, you may upload quick movies that demonstrate how various costumes look on various persons.

In addition to having a quality website, you also need customers to be aware of it so they can visit it. Potential customers will reach your website thanks to search engine optimization.

The wording you choose will help draw consumers to your website and persuade them to click on your affiliate link to H&M so they can buy the numerous fashion items you will be offering.


Every affiliate who wants to work with a business that assures them returns should take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to become an H&M affiliate. A reputable fashion multinational with a solid reputation is H&M.

Therefore, the majority of the customers you recommend to H&M will be interested in making a purchase, resulting in fair commissions for you.

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