GTBank 737 money transfer code to other banks

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GTBank 737 transfer code

What is the GTBank 737 money transfer code to transfer money to other banks?

If you are banking with GTBank and wish to use the GTBank shortcodes to transfer money to other banks outside GTBank, I will share here with you the money transfer code to other banks.

Well, I recently shared a complete list of GTBank 737 product short codes for all services that 737 can offer.

The comprehensive list might be bulky for you to figure out which one is the correct GTBank 737 code for transferring money to other banks.

That’s why I’m writing this article specifically to GTBank customers who wish to transfer money from their GTBank account to another destination bank.

But if you have any other transaction you may wish to carry out with GTBank 737, you can check the complete list of the GTB 737 short codes.

GTBank 737 money transfer code to other banks

To initiate transfers to other banks using 737 services, simply dial *737*2*Amount*Account Number# from the registered phone number and the account number you just typed will be confirmed with the name of the beneficiary.

Once you confirm with the name that the money you are sending is going to the right destination, simply click on the OK button and the money will be sent to where you want it to go to.

It’s that simple!

More tips on GTBank 737 services will be published in this page, too. So make sure you stay tuned.

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