GOtv decoder hard reset complete guide

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After reading through this post, you will know how GOtv decoder hard reset works and how you can do it yourself.

That is why I captioned this post as such.

Everything you need to know about GOtv decoder hard reset can be done here.

So if you are falling into the category of GOtv subscribers searching for a guide on how to hard reset GOtv decoder, you just landed on the right page that will guide you on how to get that done all by yourself.

Why GOtv decoder hard reset?

You may wonder why you really need GOtv decoder hard reset.

There may be times you make payment for your subscription and after a very long time, the payment is not credited to your IUC number.

At that point, you may need a GOtv hard reset to get your decoder working again.

Usually, it takes some minutes for the subscription to reflect on your decoder, but in some cases where things are going the other way round, that will be when you will need to hard reset your GOtv decoder.

Now the next big question is how can I get this done?

Not to worry, that was why I wrote this page specifically for you.

GOtv decoder hard reset complete guide

GOtv decoder hard reset is easy to do.

I mean you will not need a technical assistant to get this done.

With just a few taps of your remote control buttons, your GOtv decoder hard reset will start.

Now to get this done, follow the steps below:

  • Click on Menu on your remote control.
  • Go to Advanced Options.
  • Click OK
  • Scroll to Installation.
  • Click OK.
  • Select Reset and click OK

I hope these steps helped you execute your GOtv decoder hard reset?

How was it, was the reset process successful? Let’s hear you.

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