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If you are a GOtv subscriber and have an issue you would like to put across to the customer car desk, here I will share with you the GOtv customer care contacts for you to reach at any time of the day.

If you have a problem with your GOtv decoder, it is best for you to take it to any GOtv office in your locality and locate the customer care desk.

But what if you are in a location where GOtv offices are far fetched from where you are leaving?

If you have any of these GOtv customer care contacts, you can easily reach out to the head office from the comfort of your home and have your issue resolved.

Before I share with you today the information I brought for you, I want you to note a few things.

  • This is not the GOtv customer care official website

It’s a blog owned by a fellow GOtv subscriber like you, with the aim of sharing information with you that will ease your stress of using your decoder.

  • This is not a sponsored/paid post

As I said earlier, this post is targeted at GOtv subscribers searching for GOtv customer care contacts so they can share their issues and get them resolved.

Though I don’t mind if multichoice will see this and encourage the content for promoting their business.

Anyway, that is not the topic for today.

Let’s go straight to what brought you here.

GOtv customer care to contact 24hrs

There are several contact channels through which you can contact the GOtv customer care.

You can decide to contact them via Facebook, Twitter, telephone, email or visiting the physical office address.

The choice is all yours as to the channel that you wish to use in contacting the GOtv customer care.

GOtv customer care contact channels

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Telephone: +234 803 904 4688
  • Email: [email protected]

Note: These contact channels are basically for Nigerian GOtv subscribers.

I will be sharing the GOtv customer care channels for other countries in my future post.

Should in case you in another country apart from Nigeria and wish to have the GOtv customer care contact, please leave a comment with your country.

If you have other questions, let’s know about them.

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