Google Chrome black screen after minimize — Solution

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Google Chrome black screen after minimize — Solution

I noticed a Chrome black screen after minimize, I thought it was my computer that ran out of memory so I restarted it.

After starting my Chrome browser again, I still noticed this minimize problem after minimizing my Chrome browser to do some other thing on my computer.

Maximizing the browser to continue with what I was doing was a serious problem.

Google Chrome is my default browser, so I was bothered that I went in search of a permanent solution to this problem.

Since I was able to solve this, you too should have it resolved.

You will not have a solution to this problem until you read through this page.

So if you are having a black screen when restoring Chrome browser, look no further as you have landed on the page with the solution to your problem.

Usually, the screen goes black when maximized and restoring it becomes so challenging.

You know what this could mean when you had an unsaved data in one of the tabs in the browser because most times when this happens, you will need to forcefully close the browser.

Though I noticed this after making some changes in my Chrome settings, I thought that was the cause of this problem, but that was not the issue.

To be sure of what was going on, I opened Google Chrome incognito to browse with for a while, but it still crashed after the browser was minimized.

Some Chrome users have posted this problem to many online forums with no lasting solution professed.

I even thought to reset my Google Chrome browser setting to default, if the problem persists.

I’m sharing with you the exact same thing I did to fix Google Chrome black screen after minimize.

That is what you want I guess.

So stay tuned while I take you through the entire process.

How to fix Google Chrome black screen after minimize

In your browser advance settings there is a setting called “Use hardware acceleration when available” if that button is toggled on, you may have this Chrome black screen after minimizing.

So “Use hardware acceleration when available” is what is causing all this mess.

  • Go to your Chrome advanced settings
  • Scroll to “System” where you have the “Use hardware acceleration when available” and toggle the button offfix Google Chrome black screenfix Google Chrome black screen

It’s now done!

Now you should not have any issue with minimizing and maximizing your Chrome browser anymore.

It will be my pleasure to know that I did not just waste my time writing this, but it helped you fix your Chrome browser.

Let me know if this brief tip worked for you.

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