Google Adsense keeps rejecting your application? Try THIS

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It is not a new thing that Google Adsense rejects applications from most intending publishers to join the program.

That is because there are things you have not put in place before you submit your application, that is why the team of Google Adsense keeps rejecting your applications.

Google Adsense rejection email is one of the most depressing emails in the life of any blogger.

But despite all of these, every blogger strives to get an approved Google Adsense account to be able to monetize his/her blog contents.

Google Adsense program is said to be the best paying contextual advertising program for bloggers and website owners.

With that, you do not even need to search for Google Adsense alternatives because they are seconded to none.

But what happens when Google Adsense keep rejecting your applications?

Quit blogging?

Far from it!

That is why I’m writing this post just for you.

If Google Adsense keeps rejecting your applications each time you submit; here is what you have to do and start using Google Adsense immediately.

If you still want to use the Google Adsense platform to make money I will reveal to you how they do it in this part of the world.

Google Adsense keep rejecting your application? Here is what to do

Bloggers in this part of the world buy and sell it.

That is not inline with policy, mind you, since some bloggers are finding it difficult to have their Adsense account approved, we have to help others out.

So if you are finding it difficult to get Google Adsense approval, you can get an already approved Adsense account with domain and start using it to monetize your contents.

This really made sense before the inception of the new policy of 1 Adsense account with one domain.

Before now, you could serve ads from any approved Adsense account to just any domain.

But not to worry, if you have a blog already existing with a reasonable amount of traffic and wish to monetize the traffic with Google Adsense, we can get you a related domain with an Adsense account so you can redirect your content to the domain.

If you don’t know how to move your blog properly to a new domain without losing a bit of traffic, we can help you do that, so feel free to contact us.

So how do you buy domain with Adsense account from us

I want to believe that you know that it is possible to transfer an Adsense Account to another Google account?

So all you need do is to create another Google account (Gmail) without Adsense and we’ll make your own email the administrator of the Adsense account while we remove our email.

But if you want the Google Adsense account with the follow come email, we can also issue it to you.

We’ll also hand you the domain name registrar’s login details so you can operate it from there.

Irrespective of the country that you are currently in, this works just fine.

You can operate UK or USA dominated Adsense account from your country and have your payments made to your Payoneer account.

If you don’t have a Payoneer account sign up here for free.

The best type of Google Adsense account for you is either a USA or UK Adsense account.

So which Adsense Account do you want?

Send me a message let’s talk about it.

Note: We’ll charge you a token of $50 for this service from the buying of the domain name to getting the Adsense account approval.

Our current accepted form of payment is PayPal.

Now you have an Adsense account without much stress.

Ask questions if you are in doubt.

…see you online

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