Godaddy Support: How I contacted Godaddy support from Nigeria

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That I titled this page “How I contacted Godaddy support from Nigeria” does not mean that information contained in this page will not be valid for people in other locations who wants to contact the Godaddy support team.

This is just a scenerio of how I contacted the support team from Nigeria.

I’m quite sure this will be of immense help to you, too.

In my more than five years of using Godaddy services, it was just last week that I contacted the Godaddy support team.

If there was a way to fix the issue myself, I would not have contacted them.

You know why?

Calling an international phone number from Nigeria is not cheap in any way. But there was no way to do without calling.

Nigerian telecom providers will use this as an opportunity to get all your call card  off your phoone.

As the time of updating this post, the only channel through which one could reach the Godaddy support team was via a telephone call with the contact center.

No other channel was available. Not even an email support talk more of a live chat.

Well, I don’t know if the live chat was not working for the country that I was currently, it just didn’t work for me.

The only option left for me was to call the Godaddy support via the contact center numbers provided in the Godaddy global support page.

It will be great if you have your local country phone number included in the global support page, but in cases where you are from a country like Nigeria which is yet to be listed in the global support page (if at all) then make sure you digest every piece of information contained in this page.

Why did I have to contact Godaddy support?

You ask why?

I really had the need to contact them, that was why I contacted them.

As said earlier in the fifth paragraph of this piece, I would not have contacted the team if I found a way around the issue I had with my Godaddy product.

So talking about why I contacted the Godaddy support.

I had and issue with my domain nameservers and could not updates them for days.

The wait was fruitless as I did not still have the “Change” button to change the nameserver of one of my domains on Godaddy for days.

So after checking through the contact channels through which I could contact them, the only channel was dialing one of the contact center numbers provided.


How did I contact Godaddy support from Nigeria?

This takes us to the next big one, “How I contacted Godaddy support from Nigeria”

So checking through the Godaddy global support page, I was already confused on which number to dial.

I first dialed the UK number and could not really follow the voice prompts so I could connect with a customer care agent.

My several attempts to reach out to the Godaddy UK support number proved abortive.

Pro TIP: When contacting the Godaddy support, try to reach out to the US phone number.

Irrespective of your country or language, you will still have your issues resolved from that center.

After several attempt to reach the UK contact center failed, I finally hooked up with the US contact center.

And I had my issue resolved.

So how did I call a US phone number without breaking the bank?

That is another big question.

If you are in Nigeria or have ever been to Nigeria, you will understand how expensive it is to call an international number.

Any call accross the boarder always incures insane charges. But here is how I did it.

I used my Airtel SIM to call.

Loading my phone with a normal airtime to stay connected for the number of minutes I stayed would have cost me nothing less than N5000.

So I used my Airtel SIM to subscribe to Airtel talk more for N1000 and it took me through the connection and I was still left with some balance to continue my local calls.

So that was how I did it,  you too can do it.

This tip is not limited to calling only Godaddy support.

This applies to other international calls, too.

But if you are in doubt about this, just top up your phone with a normal Airtime; let’s say N1000 then try to make an international call.

Then you will see the difference.

Airtel talk more is one of the best tarrifs for international callers.

Do you know of any alternative and cheaper means to contat the Godaddy support?

Please be kind enough to leave a comment.

…talk soon

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