God is good motors booking using GIGM mobile app

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Now, God is good motors booking can be done online using the GIGM mobile app.

Gone are the days where you would need to go and stand in a long queue for your motor bookings.

There will be absolutely no need for you to go to the park join a long queue for hours, just in the name of booking your trip to your destination.

If you are a busy person like me, I bet you will not have the time to go and queue at the GIGM park for your booking.

Do you know God is good motors booking using GIGM mobile app comes with an advantage?

You stand a chance of getting discounts off your booking fee when you use the GIGM mobile app to book your trip.

This will be like a tutorial where I will walk you through the steps on how to book your trip with God is good motors to wherever you want using God is good motors booking mobile app.

Personally, I did not know that God is good is good motors booking can be done online until one of my cousins used the service and left them a 5-star rating.

Of course, you will agree with me that before he left a 5-star review, he must have been satisfied with the service.

He also said that he saved more than N700 using God is good motors booking mobile app.

So how do you also use God is good motors booking app to save cost?

You will learn that and more in this post.

To use God is good motors booking service via the mobile app, you must have had the application installed on your phone.

If you don’t have the app installed on your phone, you may follow the steps I shared earlier to install God is good motors mobile app in your phone.

God is good motors booking using GIGM mobile app

The first step you need to get this done after downloading the app is to book a ticket.

Now choose the type of trip that you want to embark on.

There are basically two types of trips you can book a ticket for on the mobile app.

You either choose a One-way trip or a roundtrip.

Where is your current location that you want to book a ticket from?

Choose that from the app and also set your destination.

God is good motors booking

Then set the date that you wish to travel as well as the number of travelers you intend traveling with.

That will help calculate the total charge from for the selected number of the passengers.

Once you set all of these options, hit on the search button at the bottom of the app.

Then the app will search the available vehicles for the trip according to the destination selected and will also tell you the available seats.

Details of the trip pricing will also show in by the side of the respective vehicles.

Now choose the vehicle that you want to travel with and details of the available, selected, and booked seats will be shown to you.

If you are satisfied with the available seat positions then you continue with your booking.

God is good motors booking

After successful booking, a booking reference number will be issued to you, that is the ref number that you will be asked when you get to the park on your departure day.

Hope you like this God is good motors booking tips I just shared.

If you have any question or contribution, do not fail to let’s know about it.

Or if you want us to help you with your booking needs, do not fail to let us know about it.

Just leave us a comment below or just initiate a phone call, we’ll be glad to help you out.

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