Top 50 best folding coffee table that saves space

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Folding coffee tables are pretty awesome.

You can save space in your small studio or living room where you just don’t want a permanent coffee table.

Then when you have guests over, boom, pull out the folding coffee table, add some books and decorations, and it’s the perfect piece of furniture to bring the room together.

There are many ways to fold a coffee table – more than we imagined.

You’ve got everything from the standard folding table split down the middle, to a wacky collapsing origami contraption (scroll down to see what we mean!).

These mini coffee tables are mostly made of wood, but there are a few variations like the faux leather ottoman below that also folds up.

The shapes are usually rectangular, but you’ll find an oval table perfect for breaking up any hard geometric shapes in the room that require a bit of curvature.

The 2-tier metal side table is pretty cool, with the bottom shelf great for storage or unused items.

Getting one of these tables as a gift for a loved one?

Not a bad idea if they need to save space and you want to give them a unique gift.

You can also check out our article on nesting coffee tables to get the same space-saving features in a different method, or if you’re looking for small coffee tables that double as storage, check out our coffee tables with storage recommendations.

This list of the best folding coffee table is ordered in no particular order of preference.

As long as they made it to this list, then they are considered a good folding coffee table.

List of the best folding coffee tables

EMOOR Wooden Folding Coffee Table

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