2018 FIFA World Cup Live Stream on Android Mobile Phone

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Have you ever thought of how to stream the ongoing FIFA world cup on your mobile phone? This post will help you achieve that.

I have been streaming the ongoing FIFA world cup on my Android mobile right from the day one of the tournament and I almost forgot I needed to share this with you too.

It’s good that I have finally gotten over the hindrance that prevented me from sharing this with you before now.

The Good news is that this world cup live stream is totally free!

A friend of mine shared some screenshots from one of the matches in the ongoing 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia saying that he was watching it from his Android mobile phone.

Since Android OS versatility is based on mobile applications, a lot of friends started asking “Which app”

Wait a minute, is it an app that is used for FIFA world cup 2018 live streaming?

If so, what is the name of the Android app for streaming FIFA world cup?

Now, it doesn’t matter whether you have a cable network at home or not. This tips will help you watch world cup 2018 without cable.

What if you have a cable network at home that is already showing the FIFA world cup and you need to step out?

Of course, you can stream FIFA world cup on your Android phone on the go.

Before now, I have tried a few live streaming apps but settled for the one that I’m about to share with you here.

Requirements for streaming 2018 FIFA World Cup on Your Android Mobile Phone

Even while you want to stream live matches, there are a few things to put in place so you don’t have any hitch while you are enjoying the match.

When it comes to live streaming it has to do with data.

If you are in a region that you are using a mobile data that is measured, you may want to use this app cautiously so you don’t run out of data sooner than expected.

To continue watching uninterrupted world cup matches, you are required to make your phone available and in power and make sufficient data available.

In the course of this post, I will only share with you one Android app that will help you stream the ongoing FIFA world cup.

It’s an app I have tested and found it to be good as per world cup live streams on Android phones.

How to stream 2018 FIFA world cup live matches on your phone

— Download and install an app called “Moko live stream” on your Android device.

Moko live stream is light with a total file size of less than 4MB so not to worry about the data for the download.

Moko live stream brings you live world cup matches with different viewing options. You can decide to watch the match in HD, SD1, and SD2.

Usually, I personally opt-in for the first option “HD” there, the picture will be clearer and the commentator will speak English so you can understand.

Other streaming options are also cool, but most times; they speak a strange language other than English.

These matches are brought to you from the database of sports channels that assures compatibility with your Android device.

The good thing is that this app is absolutely free on Google play store.

So start catching live actions in the ongoing FIFA world cup NOW!

Download moko live stream from play store now and enjoy.

Once the app is successfully downloaded, tap on the app to open it and all the live matches will be showed on the home screen with upcoming matches on the queue.moko live stream for 2018 FIFA world cup

Select the one you want to watch and you will be watching 2018 FIFA world cup on the go.

Now you know how to watch live match on your mobile phone especially this world cup season. Go ahead now and follow the steps to start viewing.

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