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Facebook hyperlink is one of the mysterious things about Facebook.

So here is how to hyperlink on Facebook since the usual <a href=””></a> hyperlink tag does not work on Facebook.

Before now, you could not hyperlink on Facebook so if you must refer someone from Facebook to a particular URL then you have to paste the link directly.

The only way you could use a hyperlink with the desired anchor text was to use Facebook notes.

With Facebook notes, you could link with the desired anchor text to any destination of choice.

But now, you can use Facebook hyperlink even on Facebook groups.

This post will share with you how to hyperlink on Facebook without any trick.

It is official from Facebook so not to worry about acquiring any special skill to be able to do this.

I was posting in one of the Facebook groups I belong and I found some features I suspected it should also come with a hyperlink option.

But to my greatest surprise, there was no option for me to use the hyperlink function.

But I did something extraordinary that helped me link back to my desired destination with my desired anchor text.

Before I go about sharing with you how to hyperlink on Facebook, let me first of all share with you some of the places or sections where the hyperlink feature works on Facebook.

Where Facebook hyperlink works

Facebook hyperlinks don’t just work anywhere on Facebook.

I mean you cannot just use the Facebook hyperlink feature anywhere you find yourself on Facebook.

For example, you cannot hyperlink a word when you are making your usual timeline post.

You cannot also use the hyperlinks when you are updating your Facebook page timeline.

The only way you can use the hyperlink on a page is through the page’s notes.

Once you publish a note on your Facebook page, it automatically shows up on your page’s timeline.

So if you want to publish a post on your page with a hyperlink then you might want to use the notes.

You can also use the Facebook hyperlinks on Facebook group posts.

To use this hyperlink feature you must be making the group post from a desktop.

In a nutshell, you can only use Facebook hyperlink on:

  • Facebook group timeline post
  • Facebook page notes

That was as at the time of updating this post.

I believe the hyperlink feature will be enabled in more sections of Facebook so make sure you stay tuned for updates to that effect.

So the big question now is,

How to hyperlink on Facebook

Now that you know the sections that the Facebook hyperlink is allowed, let’s go ahead and learn how to hyperlink on Facebook.

How to hyperlink on Facebook page

Go over to your Facebook page and create a note.

So to hyperlink a text on your Facebook page’s note, simply select the text you want to hyperlink and options to Bold, Italics, code, and link the text will appear.

Simply select the link icon to past your link destination and the selected text will become your anchor text.Facebook hyperlink

Once you are done with the note with all the links you desire, you can publish the note and it will appear on your page’s timeline.

It’s that quick and simple.

How to hyperlink on Facebook group

You can now hyperlink texts on a Facebook group while making the regular group timeline posts.

To hyperlink on a Facebook group, simply select any text you wish to hyperlink and you will be given only two text decoration options.

That is only the Bold and Italic.

How to hyperlink on Facebook group

This time, no option to hyperlink the text.

Here is what to do to hyperlink any text on a Facebook group.

  • Select the desired anchor text
  • Hit ctrl+k on your keyboard
  • Paste the link destination
  • Hit enter on your keyboard
  • Publish the post

That’s all!

Now your anchor text will take anyone who clicks on it to the specified destination.

That is how to hyperlink on Facebook.

I will update this post with other sections of Facebook that you can use the hyperlink feature.

Make sure you stay tuned so you don’t miss anything.

If there is any part of this post that seems confusing to you, leave a comment and I will be glad to explain further.

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