Facebook disabled my account — Here is how I reinstated my account

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Facebook disabled my account

Facebook disabled my account for no reason.

Why was my Facebook account disabled? Up until now, I’m still trying to answer that question.

The good side of the story is that I got my disabled Facebook account reinstated.

So in this post, I’m sharing the encounter of how Facebook disabled my account and how I got it back.

Here in this post, you will learn how you can avoid Facebook disabling your account.

And also you to get your already disabled Facebook account back if you already fell a victim.

I’m sharing this here because I know I’m definitely not the only one suffering a disabled Facebook account.

So my fellow Facebook users who by mistake or whatsoever got their Facebook account disabled can also get it back.

If you get the message that “Your account has been disabled” when you try to log in.

You will not be able to do anything with that account.

But you will be given an option to download your information.

But that is what you wanted.

You wanted to log in to your Facebook account but you got this message that your account has been disabled.

Sometimes this happens by mistake.

That is why they give you an option to visit the help center if you think your account was disabled by mistake.

Come to think of it, why was your Facebook account disabled?

It is important that we get to know why the Facebook account was disabled so when we get it reinstated we can prevent further actions against our Facebook account.

The story of how Facebook disabled my account

This is my own side of the story which contributed to why my Facebook account was disabled.

I have digested the Facebook community standards, and I have never posted anything that goes against the community standard.

But Facebook still disabled my account.

This was an error, anyway.

This was what happened.

A Facebook friend sent me a request to admin a page which I accepted.

I never knew the page was about spamming.

Before I could notice what was going on, his Facebook account was disabled as well as mine.

The same penalty that was rolled to him was also rolled to me.

That was because we were managing the same page.

If I did not have any role in that page, nothing would have happened to my Facebook account.

What this means is that someone can target you to get your Facebook account disabled, you must be conscious about this.

Apart from this, there are things you can do unknowingly that can lead to the disabling of your Facebook account.

Let’s take a quick look.

Things that can get your Facebook account disabled

Facebook takes action against an account that goes against their community standards.

If your account is affected by any of the things listed below, you are susceptible to having your account disabled:

  • If you are using a fake profile name
  • Making posts that do not comply with Facebook terms
  • Impersonating another person (celebrity or public figure)
  • Unsolicited chats that harass the other user

Now you have to do away with these things to make sure you account is in a good state.

There are times where you account gets disabled by mistake.

That is why you are given another chance to request a manual review on your Facebook profile.

When my account was disabled by mistake, I requested a manual review on my profile.

After which, my account was reinstated.

To request this manual action, you will need a government-issued ID card with details that match the one on your Facebook profile.

Once you have that, use the request form to request a review on your account.

Make sure you take note of these things that can get your Facebook account disabled if you get your account back.

I will be glad to hear from you.

How was it?

Were you able to get your disabled Facebook account back?

Leave a comment, you can ask questions if in doubt.

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