ES file explorer .apk backup location

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ES file explorer .apk backup location

Do you know your ES file explorer .apk backup location?

Here, I will take you to the directory that ES file explorer store the backup of your .apk files either on your phone internal memory or your SD card.

Remember I shared how to backup Android apps and have apk files? Read it now if you missed it.

But in this one, I will share with you the backup location for all the files that you backed up.

You may have your apps backed up but if you don’t know the backup location, you may end up assuming that the backup was not successful.

Meanwhile, the apps were successfully exported to .apk

ES file explorer is an Andriod app that you can use to have the APK file of any Android app that is installed on your phone.

Though there are more things you can do with ES file explorer app aside backing up Android apps.

But here, you will find out specifically ES file explorer .apk backup location.

Until you read through the lines, you will not know your ES file explorer .apk backup location.

ES file explorer .apk backup location

The backup location on your Android device depends if you have an SD card mounted on your phone or not.

If you don’t have an SD card mounted on your phone, ES file explorer will have no option than to use your phone internal memory as the location for the .apk files.

In either of the locations that the files will be saved, check for the .apk files on backups/apps/ and you will see the apps.

Check this directory on your memory card /sdcard/backup/apps/ if you don’t have memory card mounted on your phone, then check the phone internal memory /phonestorage/backup/apps/

That is where you will have all the .apk files.

Note that you can change your ES file explorer app backup directory – I will share that on this blog at a later date, make sure you stay tuned.

You can either send any of these files to a friend via Bluetooth or you can reinstall it at a later date. can

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