Enable reader mode in Chrome Android with these steps

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Reader mode in Google Chrome Android
If you have a long article to read and wish you are not distracted throughout the reading time, enabling reader mode in Chrome Android is ideal.

You know how distracting some web pages can be, displaying advertisements here and there.

I’m not against monetizing the web pages, but most times these adverts irritate the user and jeopardize the reading experience.

Some web pages are almost impossible to read on mobile devices because of this annoying formatting/design.

But with Chrome reader mode for Android enabled, you will have a plane and easy to read web page displayed for you.

Some website owners will not be happy that you know how to enable reader mode in your mobile phone browser, you know why?

No advertisements will be shown to you if you are on readers mode, just the texts contained in the page!

This, in turn, results in loss of revenue for to the website owner.

But you have to enable this option in your browsers so you don’t get distracted while reading any web page.

In this page, I will walk you through the steps on how to enable reader mode in Chrome Android.

Please note: This article is for users who want to enable reader mode in Chrome browser on their Android phones, don’t mistake this steps to be the steps for enabling reader mode in Chrome desktop.

Reader mode in Chrome Android is not a basic setting in the browser, so you will not see any button to enable reader mode within the setting panel.

It’s a hidden menu in Chrome mobile browser for users who really know what they are doing.

Don’t even think of using an app to enable this, you don’t need any extension to execute this, as it is a built-in feature in your Chrome mobile browser.

Before I take you through the steps to enable this reader mode on your Chrome mobile browser, make sure you are running the latest version of Chrome browser on your phone.

Download Chrome browser for Android here if you don’t have the latest version of the browser installed on your phone.

Now that you have the latest version of the browser installed, let’s proceed to the tutorial proper on how to enable reader mode on Chrome browser for Android.

How to enable reader mode in Chrome Android

  • In your browser address bar, type in chrome://flags without the quotation sign and hit enter.
  • On the page that will load up, you will be warned to mind what you do in this section, not to worry, I will guide you through what you will do in this section
  • Scroll to “Reader Mode triggering Android” there are many settings in this section so it may take your time to scroll to where you can find Reader Mode triggering Android – Use “Find in page” feature to search for it instead
  • Tap on the 3 vertical dotted Chrome Android menu icon at the top right corner of the browser and scroll to “Find in page” then type “Reader mode” to quickly jump to where you have the reader mode settings.
  • Now change the setting from the “Default” setting to “Always” as seen in the image above
  • You will now have a notification at the bottom of your phone screen that your changes will take effect the next time you relaunch Google Chrome
  • Tap on the blue “RELAUNCH NOW” button and the reader mode will be activated on your Chrome mobile browser.
  • From now on, each time you visit a web page, you will always have a pop up with “Make page mobile-friendly” tapping on that will switch you automatically to reader mode.Reader mode in Google Chrome Android

It’s that simple and easy, you now know how to enable reader mode in Chrome Android.

Hope I did not leave out any step?

…talk soon.

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