EasyShare helps you transfer airtime on glo dialing these codes

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I’m not supposed to publish such article on this blog since it looks promotional and no brand is sponsoring it, but just for your sake.

I knew you will want to know how to transfer credit on glo.

I just did not want you to get stranded when you get on Google or any other search engine to search for how to transfer airtime on glo.

We try as much as possible to make sure you find just anything tech related that you find on the web.

You are the reason why we are here.

So in this article, I’m going to walk you through the simple steps to follow to be able to transfer airtime to another glo number.

If you are having too much airtime, you can send some to me 😆 what are friends for?

Before we get started, you must also note that these steps are only for people who want to transfer airtime from glo to glo.

The two parties involved must be on the same network, else; this glo transfer code may not work for you.

Let’s get straight to it.

How to transfer airtime on glo

This service is used to transfer airtime among friends and loved one or if you have more than one glo line.

No internet service is required to get this done, simply dialing this set of codes will have the airtime transferred from the line you want to its destination.

Before you transfer airtime on glo, be sure to have up to the amount you wish to transfer on the sim.

Anything less than the amount in mind may have your transaction failed.

So to transfer airtime on glo, simply dial *131* followed by the recipient phone number, the amount you wish to send, the password, followed by a harsh sign then send.

For instance, if you want to transfer N100 airtime to the glo number 08051234567 and your password is 11111 here is how to dial the code.


You will get an SMS if your transfer is successful.

Note: the default password for glo airtime transfer is 00000.

If you have never changed the password before, then you are to use 00000 as your password.

If you are transferring from a new SIM, you are to use 00000 as your default password, too.

That’s it on transferring airtime on glo.

If at any point you don’t understand this post or you got some hitches while trying to transfer airtime on your glo line, feel free to let us know about it.

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