Downloading English (US) Android notification? Remove Here

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Downloading English (US) Android notification - How to remove it from the notification bar

Do you have a notification queuing in the notification panel of your Android device?

I will share with you today a guide on how to solve that problem.

I’ve had this same problem on my Android phone for weeks without a lasting solution, so you are not alone.

The good news is that I’ve finally gotten a lasting solution to “download English (US) in Android notification bar”

The funniest part of this is that each time you drop down the notification panel of your phone to click on it, it will return no screen for you to take it up from there.

When I had this issue, I searched for information everywhere on how to solve it but all the information I got wasn’t a lasting one.

Some people suggested that I clear the cache in my device download manager which I cleared the data, still,  downloading English (US) was still at my phone notification bar staring at me.

While researching further to get my problem solved, I was again told to go to my device download manager and clear data/force stop the download manager.

I did that, and it fixed the problem for me.

But guess what?

The downloading notification was just off for a while after re-enabling it, I noticed that I could not download or update any application on my phone from the Google play store while the download manager is forced to stop.

After some time, the notification popped up again in the notification bar.

At this point, I was so depressed and I was like “If I can know the app that is causing me this, I will just uninstall it”

But I later found a lasting solution to the continuous downloading English (US) in Android notification bar; that, I will share with you guys today.

So if you have been searching for information on how to remove downloading English US, just sit down and cross your legs and say ‘I’m in charged’ 😆

Do you know that the problem was caused by “Google” a search application on your Android device?

Here is a quick fix for how to remove downloading English (US) from your Android notification bar

  • Open “Google” App
  • Open “Settings”
  • Open “Voice”
  • Open “Offline speech recognition”
  • Open “Auto-update”
  • Select “Do not auto-update languages” instead of “Auto-update languages over Wi-Fi only”

Downloading English (US) Android notification

  • Clear your download manager data/cache
  • Restart your device
  • Problem Solved

It was that easy to get it fixed because you got the right information.

I wandered a bit before I could find that.

Were you able to stop the “downloading English (US)” in your notification bar?

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