How to download Instagram photos of your choice from any IG user

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Even while you want to know how to download Instagram photos, please note that the use of Instagram is governed by their terms of usage.

This post on downloading Instagram photos is strictly for informational purpose only.

We will not be held liable for any misuse of the information contained in this page.

Do you really want to download Instagram photos? Instagram does not want you to download any photo shared on the platform.

Even it is your photo that has been uploaded to the Instagram server, you cannot download it again into your phone should in case you lost the photo on your phone.

I’m not sure why they disabled the image downloading feature, maybe for privacy sake, but here, I will share with you how to download Instagram photos of your choice using an online tool that will help you download any photo of your choice.

Instagram photos are not compared to Facebook when you have the “Save image as” option when you right click on the image.

So whatever reason why they disabled this feature, let’s learn how to download Instagram photos together.

You will not know how to download Instagram photos until you read through this page.

Whether you want to download Instagram photos on PC or Android, this will help you download/save any photo of your choice from any Instagram user.

So maybe you lost one of the photos you uploaded to Instagram from your phone, you can always download it again and save it to your phone.

If there is a popular celebrity you would like to use his or her picture as a wallpaper on your phone, you can download the picture of your choice from their official Instagram handle to your phone.

The requirement for downloading any Instagram photo of your choice

— You will need to know the image URL of the Instagram photo you would like to download.

Now that you have this requirement for downloading Instagram photos, you are now set to download Instagram photos to your Mac, PC or phone.

How to download any Instagram photo of your choice

In the course of this article, we will be using dinsta to download our Instagram photos.

There are other Instagram image downloaders, but I consider dinsta to be the simplest and the easiest to use to execute this plan.

There are few steps to getting this done.

  • Go to to get the photo you wish to download and grab the URL of the imagedownload Instagram photos
  • Copy the URL of the image you want to downloaddownload Instagram photos
  • Now open in another tab
  • Paste the URL of the image you copied in the second step into the input box
  • Hit on Go!download Instagram photos
  • Now you have the image with a download button to download the photo into your device, be it a mobile phone, PC or Instagram photos


There are other alternative ways to download Instagram photos if you don’t want to follow the method that I just took you through.

If you are on a mobile phone, you can capture a screenshot of the photo you want and crop out other parts of the photo leaving only the picture.

Windows users can use the snipping tool to snip the part of the image they want.

Note: these alternative ways to save an Instagram photo will not give the exact properties of the image.

You may lose properties such as the dimension of the image as well as the pixel/quality of the image.

The best method is the first; downloading the photo as uploaded by the Instagram user.

Now that you can download Instagram photos, how do you feel? Let me hear from you.

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