Does gionee p8w has notification light

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Does gionee p8w has notification light

I listed some phones with notification light some time ago which I also included some Gionee phones with notification light in that list.

After that post, some Gionee lovers still contacted me to ask if Gionee pw8 has led notification light.

Today, I want to address that question, should in case any other Gionee lover wants to know if Gionee p8w has a notification light.

If you are asking this question, it is possible you did not see this page, or you probably may have seen it but did not read through the lines.

Gionee p8w is one of the phones I listed with led notification light.

So “Does Gionee p8w has notification light”

The simple answer to this your questions is YES!

Even while you were inquiring to know if Gionee p8w has led notification light, you may have stumbled on another phone with led notification light.

Could you be kind enough to share it?

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