Disable Mozilla Firefox automatic updates

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Disable Mozilla Firefox automatic updates

How do I stop Firefox automatic updates?

If you are a Mozilla Firefox user and you’ve been searching for how you can stop Firefox from updating automatically, get in here and learn how to do it yourself.

You’ve not been alone all these while, there are other Firefox users who have been searching for the disabling feature to put a stop to this updates.

After writing how to stop windows 8 background data usage, I was prompted to write other backup posts to make sure I carry users who do not know how to disable automatic updates in some of the software I mentioned along.

One of them is how to disable adobe flash player automatic updates in windows

Mozilla Firefox automatic update is one of the things I mentioned to be responsible for background data consumption in Windows 8.

This does not just apply to Windows 8, it applies to other windows too, so long as you have Mozilla Firefox browser installed in it.

Though to leave the automatic updates as your preferred Firefox updates choice is recommended for improved security, but for some reasons, this may not be a perfect option for you, so you may want to disable it.

The reason for disabling it may vary per user.

It may be data related issue or something else.

Personally, I don’t want my Firefox to be updated automatically, the reason is that there are some add-ons that I’m using in the browser.

Leaving your preferred choice at “Automatically install updates (recommended: improved security)” may render some of your add-ons useless without a prior notice to you (the user).

You will agree with me that it may take some days for the add-on developer to update the add-on so it matches the updated browser.

That is not even guaranteed.

Even after the updates, you may not be conversant with the graphical interface of the add-on, there may be a slight change in delivering it services compared to what you had before the update.

I’ve been here before, that’s why I’m sharing this with you and others who may be having a similar problem.

But for whatever reason you wish to disable Mozilla Firefox automatic updates, here is where to get it done.

Complete step to disabling Mozilla Firefox automatic updates

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer
  • Tap on the menu icon at the top right corner of the browser
  • Then tap on optionsDisable Mozilla Firefox automatic updates
  • Scroll to advanced then update
  • Now it’s time to change your Firefox updates to “Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk)Disable Mozilla Firefox automatic updates

Hope this brief piece helped you turned off Mozilla Firefox automatic updates??

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