Disable adobe reader automatic updates

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Disable Adobe reader automatic updates to save yourself some data.

That is a candid advice from a brother from another mother.

You may not be in a location that data service is cheap.

You might want to save yourself some bucks by disabling the automatic update feature

Adobe reader automatic updates is one of the things I listed to be responsible for background data consumption when I wrote how to stop background data usage in Windows 8.

Here is this page, I will walk you through the steps to disabling adobe reader automatic updates.

Adobe reader is one of the common pdf readers among windows users.

So if your computer is running on windows OS, it is likely that you have adobe reader installed in it as it sometimes comes pre-installed in windows computers.

It’s a brief one, so let me not get you bored with stories.

Disable Adobe reader automatic updates

There are basically 3 steps to getting this done.

  • Open the adobe reader from the desktop shortcut on your computer or from where you usually open it from
  • Click on “Edit” from the top menu, then scroll to “Preferences…” alternatively, you can press Ctrl+K on your keyboard

Disable adobe reader automatic updates

  • From the preferences menu that will come up, scroll to updater and choose “Do not download or install updates automatically” then click on “Ok”Disable adobe reader automatic updates

Hope you were able to disable adobe reader automatic updates following these steps?

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