DHgate affiliate program – Join and make money in 2023

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Before you sign up for the DHgate affiliate program, there are a couple of things to keep in check.

DHgate is the first and one of the largest online wholesale multi-niche e-commerce marketplaces.

Also, it is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce brands with cross-border trade accessibility.

Through its innovative platform, the company has enabled people to shop internationally, retail, and resell over 30 million quality highly discounted products directly from China at wholesale rates.

So, irrespective of your niche, DHgate got you covered.

You can promote any product of your choice, based on your visitor’s interests, and earn huge commission rates for your efforts.

With over $500 million in annual sales and 5.5 million buyers from 227 countries and regions, there are plenty of reasons for you to become a DHgate Affiliate.

With DHgates, you can find cheap tablet computers, cell phones and electronics, wedding dresses, etc.

You can order them at a cheap rate directly from China.

In this article, I examine the DHgate affiliate program, what is about, how to join, and how to make money from it in 2023.

What The Programme Is All About

DHgate affiliate program is for everyone.

Whether you are an independent marketer, a social influencer, a blogger, or a marketing agency, DHgate affiliate is for you.

In so far as you have the means to promote the company’s products, you can make money with the DHgate affiliate program.

This includes unlimited and juicy commissions and bonuses.

After you have joined the affiliate program you will find products to promote.

You will earn money when someone buys DHgate products with your DHgate affiliate link.

DHgate provides its affiliates FREE samples of the products to test and promote.

These are available on the left-hand side menu of the site.

You may customize these samples, order them for testing or simply post them as freebies to improve your sales.

Also, whether you’re an entrepreneur making a bottom line or just a savvy consumer looking for the best deals, the DHgate platform offers the value you need at the prices you want.

Benefits Of Becoming DHgate affiliate

  • Commission

DHgate pays a 2-6% affiliate commission rate per qualified sale with a 30-day cookie period.

This affiliate commission though small is compensated for by the availability of huge products collection to promote and earn more commissions.

  • Bonuses

You can extra bonus for some DHgate products but these apply to some (not all) products.

  • Accessibility

DHgate affiliate program provides highly enhanced and customized landing pages, marketing creative, etc. to help enhance your marketing.

  • Support

DHgate affiliate program has a dedicated team and an account manager to help you maximize sales and answer your questions.

Other Benefits:

  • Wide variety of products to promote.
  • Some products have free shipping
  • Free samples of products.
  • Alternative means to promote the products.
  • It is a wholesale marketplace, which means some products are cheaper.
  • If you recommend someone to sign up as an affiliate and they successfully promote something, you get paid 30%.

How to join the program

  1. Go to the DHgate Affiliate website and register with your email and password.
  2. After you have entered your email and password, you will see a message saying “Activate Free”, click on that.
  3. The next question is about how you will advertise the DHgate affiliate program. They have a wide variety of options. Ideally, you should mention your website. However, if you don’t have a website mention social media like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok as your marketing platform for promoting DHgate affiliate products.

How To Make Money When You Become Amazon Affiliate

  • Tell Your Friends

One way you can earn with DHgate affiliate program even without a computer is by telling people about it by mouth.

This includes family members, workplace colleagues, friends, people in your religious circle, neighbors, and fellow student about the product you wish you promote.

Inform them of the possibility of getting high-quality products at a cheaper rate on DHgate and they will surely want to give it a try.

When they buy with your affiliate link you earn a commission.

  • Promote on Your Website

If you own a website/blog, it can greatly help in your marketing.

All you have to do is visit the promotion area in your DHgate account dashboard, fetch suitable banner codes, and insert them on your blog/website.

When you insert your DHgate affiliate code (HTML code) into your website, it will display different DHgate affiliate products on your website automatically.

When people click on the products on your website and buy you earn affiliate commissions.

  • Use Your Social Media

These days, a majority of people spend more time on social media platforms.

Hence, you can utilize this opportunity to advertise DHgate products on social media and make money from the available traffic.

DHgates updates its product catalogs on a continuous basis to be social media friendly thereby helping you blend your marketing with the social media ecosystem and make more money.

So you can make money even if you don’t have a website to promote the products with.

DHgate Affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity for someone to earn extra income around their busy schedule.

You can do it from anywhere in the world, at any time, and with any device.


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