Where to find the custom dictionary for Microsoft Word

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Where is the custom dictionary for Microsoft Word located?

If you have been asking that and many other related questions, Techinformat has got you covered today.

As a frequent user of Microsoft Word, you need to know where to find the custom dictionary especially if you use more of native dialects that are not understood by the office suite.

I really recommend this article to professional typists and secretaries in various establishments.

It will make working on your documents a much more pleasant task. Especially when you are dealing with more of the local dialect that is not English.

Microsoft Word underlines every non-English word that you type in the word processing software, this is why a custom dictionary for Microsoft Word is very important in this case.

Even while you are typing with your MS Word, there is always an option to add an unknown word to the dictionary. But what if you have a handful of words you wish to add to the custom dictionary?

custom dictionary for Microsoft Word

Seat down to add them one after the other?

That is where the information contained in this page comes in to play. I will also show you how to add a word to the dictionary in Microsoft word irrespective of the version of Microsoft Word that you are using.

Like my name, it’s a non-English name and I feel so bad each time MY computer underlines my name that the spelling is not correct. I had no option than to add my name to the custom dictionary.

So what is the path to getting to the custom dictionary for Microsoft Word? The big questions!

That takes us to the next sub-heading

Where to find the custom dictionary for Microsoft Word

As the name implies (custom dictionary) you can tweak it the way you want and have all the words you want in there, there is no limit to how many custom words you can have in there.

How to find the custom dictionary for Microsoft Word

The path is usually C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\UProof\CUSTOM.DIC

But how do you get to the CUSTOM.DIC manually?

  • Press Windows key + R to open the cmdcustom dictionary for Microsoft Word
  • In the field, type in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\UProof\CUSTOM.DIC

If you have ender added any word to the dictionary while typing with your Microsoft Word, you will have all of these words listed in the text file that will open.

You can add more words to this file and save it for it to be used. Henceforth, these words will be understood by your Microsoft Word.

This works for Windows 7, 8, and 10 so irrespective of the windows version that you are using, this method of adding words to your CUSTOM.DIC will still work.

Were you able to find the custom dictionary for your Microsoft Word? Let me hear from you.

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