Corel draw x6 switched to viewer mode? Here is a quick FIX

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Corel draw x6 switched to viewer mode

Your Corel draw x6 switched to viewer mode? Of course, you know that if your Corel draw is switched to viewer mode, you will not be able to do so many things with the graphics suite.

You will only be designing with your Corel x6 with the option to save, export and other important buttons totally greyed out.

The image I attached above will really explain what I mean to you.

Here, I will share with you why your Corel x6 suite switched to viewer mode and how you can get this problem permanently fixed.

Why your Corel draw X6 switched to viewer mode

I doubt it if the original Corel draw suite could switch to viewer mode. You had your own graphics suite switched to viewer mode because you installed a cracked version of the graphics suite on your computer.

Under no circumstance will an original Corel draw x6 graphics suite be switched to viewer mode.

You are having this issue because you installed the version of Corel draw X6 you got from a torrent website of the ones burnt into the CD and sold at stationary shops.

These versions of software are termed as cracked versions.

Even while you knew that you were using a cracked version of the software, you still went ahead to connect your computer to the internet while you tried to open your Corel X6 suite?

Each time you try to load up your Corel X6 suite, it reaches out to the official Corel draw server.

So you must make sure that your computer is not connected to the internet while you try to open this graphics suite.

If you leave your computer connected to the internet each time you open the software, it will someday switch to viewer mode if it notices that the software that your computer is running is not the original version of the software.

Corel draw x6 switched to viewer mode solution

Now you are already in viewer mode, so it is for you to find a way out of this disappointing situation.

That is exactly what I’m about sharing with you NOW!

Until you exit this viewer mode, you will not be able to save, export or do some other important things with your Corel x6 graphics suite, as seen on the image at the top of this page.

To get out of this mess, all you need to do is to re-install your Corel X6 graphics suite.

Before you uninstall the version that has been switched to viewer mode, make sure that you have your activation code handy.

You will be required of it once you are done installing the software again.

Once the re-installation is done, open the software and you will be required to activate the software. Remember I told you to have it handy?

Note: Make sure you disconnect your computer from the internet each time you want to open your Corel X6 suite as the continuous opening of the software while the computer is connected to the internet will someday switch it to viewer mode again.

You just read a preventive measure for preventing Corel draw x6 switched to viewer mode in the future.

You can use keygens to generate the activation code for your Corel X6 suite.

You may have issues using keygens of original Windows 10. So if you are installing the said Corel X6 on windows 10, I can get you the activation code.

You can leave me a message below:

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  1. Shehryar Nasir says:

    Yeah, I am using CorelDraw x6 on windows 10 have same problem.

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