Check MTN mobile number by dialing this code NOW

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This post promises to share with you how to check MTN mobile number – Your MTN phone number.

Checking your MTN mobile number is simple. By just dialing a code, you will have your MTN phone number displayed to you.

No need to go in search of your lost sim pack to retrieve your MTN phone number.

So get in here to check your MTN mobile number NOW!

You will not know how to check your MTN mobile number until you read through this page.

Gone are the days where you need to cram your mobile number. You can simply dial a code on the phone and you will have your MTN mobile number displayed to you.

If you don’t have a retentive memory like me, this will really help 😆

If you are using a new MTN sim card and you don’t have the mobile number off hand, no need to worry.

Dialing these set of codes will display your MTN phone number to you.

I was in this not too long, when I needed to check my MTN mobile number to recharge it from my mobile banking APP.

It was a new sim card I got after I lost one of my phones that I’ve been sharing some tutorials from it lately.

It gets worse when you don’t have any airtime left on the new sim card. I would say you should use the phone to call another phone to retrieve the phone number.

That’s another cool way of checking your MTN mobile number.

  • Using the sim card you wish to retrieve its phone number to dial another phone number that is close to you.

In cases where you don’t have a second phone around or you don’t have a calling card (airtime) in the new sim card, here is how to check the phone number on your new MTN sim card.

Here is how to check your MTN mobile phone number using the code

To check your MTN mobile number, simply dial *123*1*1# on the sim card you wish to retrieve the phone number for.

An SMS with your phone number will also be sent to your phone after dialing the code above.

You may also save the SMS for future reference or delete it. It’s up to you but there is no limit to how many times you can dial the code to retrieve your MTN mobile phone number.

It’s that easy!

In my future post, I will share how you can also check the mobile phone number of other telecommunication providers in Nigeria.

Stay tuned, alright?

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