Change Gotv parental control default pin

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Change Gotv parental control default pin

To change GOtv parental control default pin, you will need to know the default pin, before you can be able to change the pin.

I shared GOtv parental control default pin a while ago, so if you do not know the default pin, you might want to check the post out to know the default pin.

This one is specifically dedicated to people who want to change their GOtv parental control default pin.

To make sure that the blocked channels remain blocked, you have to set a security pin so that no one can have access to the blocked channels in your absent.

If you leave your pin unchanged, there is the tendency that anyone can have access to your parental control channels, as the default pin in all GOtv decoder remains the same in all the decoders.

It is recommended that you change the password so that you are sure that all the channels you list under parental control are not accessed in your absence.

So here is how to change the pin from the default pin to the desired pin.

Please note that you must make sure that the new pin that you are changing to must be a familiar digit, so you don’t forget it.

Let’s get into the business of the day, changing GOtv parental control default pin

How to change GOtv parental control default pin

To execute this, your decoder must be in power, so switch on your decoder to effect this change immediately.

  • Tap on the menu button on your GOtv remote control
  • Tap on the down arrow button 2 times to get to “Parental control” menu
  • Then press the OK button in the middle
  • You will be required to enter your password

If you have never changed the password before, you will need to key in the default password to be granted access to the parental control interface.

Until you supply the password, you will not be able to make any change or even change the password.

If you have keyed in your pin;

  • Scroll to option 3 “Change pin”
  • Press the button, then you will be required to key in the desired new pin
  • Key in the new pin, confirm it by keying it in the second time and then press “OK”

That’s all!

Now you have changed GOtv parental control default pin to your desired pin, go ahead and block the channels you wish to block from underage viewers on GOtv.

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