Can’t take screenshot due to security policy? Try this

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If you can’t take screenshots due to security policy on your Android device, this post is for you.

Taking screenshots is not allowed by the app or your organization is one of the related posts I shared about this.

It is just a matter of the type of error message that you get.

The type of error message that you get when trying to take screenshots of screens that screenshots are prohibited depends on the type of phone that you are using.

So if your device is complaining that you can’t take screenshots due to security policy, here is why and what you can do.

You must note this.

There are screens you can’t take screenshots of them for any reason.

Manufacturers disabled this feature for privacy and security reasons.

Not as if you are having any problem with your device screen capturing.

So when you get this error message each time you try to capture screenshots of some screens on your Android device,

Do not panic, there is nothing wrong with your mobile phone.

It is just that the screen you want to take the screenshot for is not permitted.

Examples of screens that you may have “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy” are Chrome Android incognito and Telegram chat screen.

There are other applications that may prohibit the taking of screenshots.

I’m just mentioning the two up there for example.

Telegram chat screens, for example, are meant to be kept private.

If you are allowed to take the screenshot of the chat screen, then the whole idea of the privacy may be forfeited.

But if your intentions are genuine and you really want to take the screenshot, here is what to do.

Can’t take screenshot due to security policy? Try this

You might want to find a way to get on the PC.

Just for the purpose of taking the screenshot.

As long as you are on mobile, you may not still be able to take screenshots due to this security policy.

You know most Android devices do not have a special setting controlling the taking of screenshots.

So there is actually no way you can tweak the whole system.

So here is what you might want to do.

If you wanted to take a screenshot while on Chrome incognito mode on Android and you couldn’t.

You can simply visit the web page you wanted to take the screenshot on a desktop and use the prints screen feature or snipping tool to take your screenshot.

You can replicate this on any screen you wanted its screenshot but couldn’t take it due to security policy.

Before you do this, you must make sure that you have genuine intentions.

I’m not a fan of privacy or security infringement.

Which screen did you have the error message that you can’t take screenshot due to security policy?

Share your thoughts with us.

If you know of any way around the error message that you can’t take screenshot due to security policy please be kind enough to also share it with us.

Of course, that is your way of contributing to this post.

How about that?

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