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If you are a digital marketer you will understand the real value of Facebook accounts.

But in most cases, you may have the ad account linked to your main Facebook account disabled.

And you may want to buy Facebook accounts in that case, instead of creating it yourself since you need it in bulk (more than one account).

But the good news is that you can buy Facebook accounts for advertisement here to continue your business.

I know you can create a Facebook account for free.

But what if you need bulk Facebook accounts?

Maybe for building Facebook groups?

Not to worry as you can buy Facebook accounts here in bulk.

Irrespective of the number of Facebook accounts that you want, we have them in stock.

We have them already created with friends.

Not to worry, they are aged account with value, so even if you want to use it for Facebook advertising or any other thing, it will still serve you better.

Mind you, this article was written with good intentions, so we are not responsible for any misuse of the information contained in this page.

If your intention for searching for Facebook accounts to buy is not genuine, please quit this page now!

I’m writing this post basically for people seeking to buy facebook accounts with intentions to use them for Facebook advertising.

But feel free to contact me at anytime

So how can you buy these Facebook accounts?

We sell each Facebook account for $0.50.

So if you need 10 Facebook accounts, that means $0.50*10 = $5.

So if you need more than 10 Facebook accounts, you multiply that by the number of the accounts that you want.

How do we get the Facebook accounts across to you?

We’ll send you the number of the Facebook accounts paid for in a text file via email.

Method of payment of Facebook accounts

PayPal is the only form of payment we accept for now unless you are in the same location as us.

But if you are in the location with me, then you can make a direct bank deposit or interbank transfers.

That is why I still advise that you contact me if you need to buy Facebook accounts.

So if you are ready to buy, send me an email with the number of Facebook accounts needed and I will reply with the PayPal email where you can send the payment for the number of Facebook accounts needed.

If you have any question regarding buying Facebook accounts, you can also leave a comment.

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