Best HP Pavilion gaming laptop to buy in 2019

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So are you searching for a low budget gaming laptop to buy?

Here in this post, I will share with you some HP pavilion laptops for gaming that you can buy.

This does not mean that there are no other laptops for gaming, but this one is particularly for HP pavilion so if you have a special preference for HP Pavilion, then you are welcome.

So if you’re looking for a budget gaming laptop that doesn’t look like your typical gaming laptop, I’m talking that as a predator esque type of design.

Then the 15 inch HP Pavilion gaming laptop is probably the one for you.

I’ve been using it for a while now and this is my review in general as minimalist design. And when you open it up, you notice that display in area it looks slick was being functional.

The dissipation area is right there on top of that your fans you have a backlit keyboard with 1.5 mil travel which is decent and it’s a joy to type on when work is needed.

The WASD buttons have an extra demarcation around it for gaming and the trackpad is very responsive. Even Without windows position driver present.

It’s not too heavy at 2.35 kilograms so you can easily carry around, travel with it if you like.

And even it’s charger as well is not bulky at all and it’s easy to package up and you know, roll it up to travel with.

Above the keyboard, you notice the forward fire and speaks fighting by being our bank and our lives.

To produce a clean good midrange sound but the base is average as a result is not quite punch in that sense.

Around the pavilion you have two USB 3.8 ports that come into luck and a full-size SD card slot on the left side and the right side you have a 3.5 mil headphone port one RJ 45 Ethernet port as well which is nicely tucked away as well.

You have to pull it down to insert the cable.

One full-size HDMI presence, a USB 3.0 and a non-thunderbolt USB type C also on top of the display, you know is the 720 p webcam as well. So if you want to use it for work, again, like Skype or even live streaming watch, you record yourself it’s right there.

Power in the pavilion

You get an Intel Core i 583 hundred h 2.3 gigahertz, eighth generation processor, 8 gig of ram Windows 10 home with Windows Hello.

That’s really cool. I like Windows. Hello actually on Windows systems.

You get one terabyte storage 16 gig of inter optane memory and with two gig of DDR five dedicated, so it has all the specifications there to be able to run games on the go.

Generally, gaming is very decent but can suffer from color accuracy due to his 1920 by 10 at IPS 60 hertz display, you can also get 144 hertz version or 4k.

Most cases it’s fine for gaming on the go as it is generally getting decent frame rates as well on games like Forza fortnight


For the battery, I was getting around four hours of usage of it. I mean, it’s okay.

But if you really want to be serious about gaming, you will not be plugged in because again, it just varies.

If it will two fans and two eat pipes running across the middle.

It gets hot when on every load and the fans get louder, notable as well.

So if you were to use it in a classroom or library or somewhere quiet it’s noticeably loud in terms of fan noise.

It’s also very easy to upgrade the basics such as the RAM, the NVME SSDs and the hard drive if you want to stop you for SSD drive as well you can easily do that.

And for 609 nine pounds in the UK the pavilion does exactly as advertised and it looks really nice for the price point.

I think it looks nicely designed minimalist which means you can take it out there to do work on if your student for example

If you need something more gamer-centric though perhaps have a look at some of the offerings from Acer.

It’s predator laptops, gaming laptops as a wide variety available there as well just to point out.

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