Best free password manager software of 2019

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Here, I will share with you the best free password manager software as of 2019.

This page updates frequently with the latest free password manager software so make sure you stay updated.

I never thought of a password manager software until I lost access to a dear online account.

So recovering the password was a serious case.

As I also lost access to the email address on file.

Irrespective of how retentive your memory is, you may forget some passwords if you are an internet person like me.

I have had a lot of passwords all my life. It gets worse when you have a pressing need for the password and you cannot recollect the details.

That’s pretty sad.

Had it been I had a password manager, I would have quickly made reference to the data stored in the password manager to retrieve my login details.

After then, I realized the importance of using a password manager to manage all the passwords for your online accounts.

After my hours of research, I found some best free password manager for 2019.

As generous as I have always been, I will also share the list here so you too can have access to these best free password managers.

If you also know of some free password managers, you can also share them here by way of contributing to this post.

This list is updated frequently so not to worry about outdated information.

Of course, we try our best to make sure we keep all the information digested here up to date.


What is a password manager software?

Just as the name implies, a password manager software manages your online account passwords in an encrypted format for easy retrieval whenever you need them.

Writing down your password is a good idea but it is pretty stressful when you want to retrieve them especially when you have so many online credentials.

This can be easily compromised by an unauthorized person(s) or hacker.

I bet you don’t want that to happen.

That is when the need for a password manager comes to mind.

Types of password manager software

There are basically about 3 types of password manager software.

So it is up to you to choose the type that you want and go for it.

There are password manager software that stores your credentials locally, there are also internet based password managers.

They store your credentials on the cloud (over the internet).

There are also passwords managers specially designed hardware which cannot only store passwords but other sensitive data such as TPM chip, biometrics, retina, fingerprints and so on.

Now it’s up to you to choose the type of password manager software that you want.

  • Local password manager software
  • Online password manager software
  • Specially designed hardware

Now you can choose from the options.

For me, I prefer the first options to others.

These days, most password managers off more than one option to manage your passwords.

So if you have the need for managing your passwords both online and offline, then some of the password manager software you will find here will satisfy your taste.

So fasten your seat belt because the plane is going to take off 😆

Please note this, we are not sorting this list in any order of preference or superiority.

Just choose the one with the feature that suits your demand.

— KeePass Password Safe

This password safe launched in 2004 and it is one of the best when it comes to Windows desktop password manager.

If you are using macOS, they also support macOS as well as Linux.

The KeePass password safe manages your online account username and passwords in an encrypted format.

This password manager supports HTML, CSV, and XML files import and export.

So if you want to import usernames passwords from other sources, the KeePass password safe can handle your request for you.

Similarly, you can also export credentials managed by KeePass password safe in the above-stated formats to any other source.

Comparing the KeePass password safe to other best free password manager software in this list, KeePass supports some of the common features of a password manager such as two-factor authentication, built-in password generator tool, and form autofill.

Interestingly, KeePass is completely free.

Of course, if it was not a free password manager, it would not have made it to this list of best free password manager software.


Here are some of the key features of the KeePass password safe

  • Password groups
  • No installation required
  • Master password
  • Plugin for extended functionality

— LastPass

Little wondered why LastPass made it to this list of best free password manager software.

This one of the very best password managers out there.

Remember I told you about some password managers having the functionality of storing the password both offline and online?

LastPass has that as one of its features.

LastPass also has the import and export as one of its features.

So you can import passwords from other password managers or web browsers.

This password manager has been in existence for years.

LastPass has extensions for major web browsers which you can use to manage your password you can as well use the LastPass Windows app.

That is if you are using a recent Windows version like Windows 10.

Simply log on to your Microsoft account and get the app to your PC to manage your password outside your web browsers.

Here are some features of LastPass you need to know

  • Automatic password capture
  • Auto form filling
  • Secure Notes for other information such as SSN, local bank account, etc.
  • Two-factor authentication

— Sticky Password

That the name is called Sticky Password does not mean that it sticks passwords 😆

Just so you don’t misunderstand the name.

Sticky Password is another name when it comes to password management on Mac, iOS, Android and Windows as they support all the listed operating systems as well as popular browsers.

The sticky password also has two-factor authentication, form filling, password management, autofill, and also biometrics.

This password manager also has a pro version where you can have added features to maximize your password management.

The pro version gives you the option to back up your data in the cloud, sync, cross-device, priority support and so on.

Sticky Password can also store the user’s payment information.

One exceptional feature of this Sticky password is that it can synchronize data locally across WiFi.

Should in case you don’t want to back up your data in the cloud, then that feature should come in to play.

Key features of Sticky Password

  • Excellent password generator tool
  • Encrypted vault for managing credit card details so you use them whenever with just a click
  • Option to share passwords securely
  • Supports up to 16 web browsers

I will update this post with other relevant password manager software that should be on this list.

If you know any good password management software that you feel should be on the list, please be kind enough to share.

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