If you are reading this article and you want to be a Banggood Affiliate, then you are in the right place.

Banggood is a leading online retailer that specializes majorly in the selling of electronics and other appliances. It was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters located in Guangzhou, China. Aaron Chen is the owner, Chief executive officer (CEO), and director of Banggood. Banggood has its presence globally and can give shipping to countries.

With millions of consumers worldwide, Banggood is one of the top direct-to-consumer retailers in the world. They have more than 60 million users and have served clients in more than 180 different nations. They provide products from more than 100,000 suppliers in up to 30 different categories.

The Banggood Affiliate program is drive people to the leading e-commerce platform. But this is where it involves you. Once you become a Banggood Affiliate and make your audience make purchases through you on Banggood. You get paid.

In this article, I will show you how to become a banggood affiliate, how to join, and how to make money through the Banggood Affiliate program.

What the program is all about

You may make money with the Banggood affiliate network without needing to make any actual sales!

Simply recommend Banggood items on your website, YouTube channel, social media accounts, or any other online space to earn a reward for any successful referrals. You receive Banggood Affiliate Points, which can be converted into cash, for each sale you refer.

Through referral links, you may spread discounts, banners, and merchandise from Banggood to your loved ones, friends, and followers. It will assist you in earning rewards following a customer’s profitable purchase. Besides, you can earn your commission (about 25%) around a 30 days cookie window.

Benefits of becoming a Banggood Affiliate

Several goods to recommend

There are a ton of things available on Banggood that you may select and market. These products can be reviewed on the data stream, and each product has an affiliate link.

Commission-based business

Banggood is a commission-based business. So you must earn a commission on every sale you make. Profit from each sale made on Banggood.com.

Particular Advertising

This means targeting a specific audience in other to get their attention and compel them to make purchases. Banners highlight specific and well-liked products to precisely target any visitor.

Cookie duration

Their cookie duration is about 30 days. This gives you enough time for your audience to click and for you to make withdrawals.

How to join the Banggood Affiliate program

To join the Banggood Affiliate program, here are the steps

  1. Register through the DCM network and fill out every section.
  2. The DCM network team will check and accept your profile.
  3. Once you receive the approval message. Then you log into your dashboard and check your commissions and offers.

How to make money on the Banggood Affiliate program

A clear reading of the agreements

Affiliates who wish to continue participating must adhere to the user agreements of each affiliate marketing program.

All postings must include affiliate disclosure, regardless of the platform.

You avoid unintentionally breaching any regulations, make sure to carefully read these and any other agreements before posting.

Post credible content

You must have content, and it must be of high quality, for people to use your affiliate links to buy Banggood products. Thus, excellent content creation is where it all starts. Many people will read and click on high-quality content, which increases revenue. Make sure to continuously post quality content, whether you have a YouTube channel, website, blog, or social media profile.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing Resources

Your website, YouTube channel, or any social media profile will receive more traffic as a result of using affiliate marketing solutions, increasing the number of clicks on your affiliate links.

Utilize helpful tools like WordPress plugins, SEO tools, and targeted Mailchimp mailings to make the most of your efforts.


Now that know how to become a successful Banggood affiliate. Why don’t you go and sign up and become a Banggood affiliate and make your own money?

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