Application for an American Visa in Mexico: requirements & procedures

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This a complete application guide for an American Visa in Mexico, so if you have been searching for that all these while, make sure you read through the lines of this post.

If you are one of those who need to apply for an American visa in Mexico you should not worry since the procedure is quite simple, and then you will find it explained in detail right here on this blog.

It is a very easy process and according to consulate officials, the majority of American visa petitions for Mexicans are approved.

The only drawback is the delay of the process in finally being approved.

American visa application from Mexico

So if you have been searching for the procedure to request an American visa from Mexico, below, I will list some of the procedure to request for the visa.

— First, you must complete form DS-160, which you will find online to apply for a non-immigrant visa.

Once processed, you must print the confirmation sheet with the respective barcode.

It should be noted that this form must be filled out and delivered electronically before the appointment in the embassy since the form will not be accepted if it is handwritten or typed.

— The next step is to schedule a visa appointment. And for this, you can use the online dating system or call an operator of the call center.

Once the appointment is obtained, it is crucial to go to the consulate or embassy 15 minutes before the aforementioned time, clearly specify what type of visa is sought and select the local DHL office where the visa and passport will be collected once approved.

It is advisable to go to the interview with the following documents:

  • Passports with previous visas,
  • Birth certificate,
  • Voting card
  • And take enough economic, educational and employment tests to make the process successful.

Visa Laser and Visa B1 and Visa B2

From Mexico, there is a so-called laser visa for the United States that basically consists of a border crossing card that is issued only to Mexicans, hence that visa can be requested if desired.

This application for an American visa in Mexico requires the applicant to have a valid passport, complete the confirmation sheet through application DS-160 and show the original payment receipt.

However, the most common American visa application in Mexico is usually B1 and B2 , as shown in the B1 / B2 visa application guide, after the first one designed for temporary business trips; and the second, only and exclusively for tourist or pleasure activities.

In many occasions it is not necessary to apply for the Laser Visa, with a visa processing B1 or B2 is enough.

Requirements of the American visa from Mexico

  • Be a Mexican citizen
  • Have your passport in good standing and up to 6 months after the scheduled time in which the trip will be made.
  • Demonstrate that the reason for traveling to the US is business or leisure.
  • The stay must be limited.
  • Show that you have enough funds to cover travel expenses.
  • Evidence economic or social ties abroad.
  • Declare a residency outside the US to ensure your return at the end of the visit.

Steps to apply for a US visa from Mexico

  • Fill out form DS-160
  • Create a virtual account to access the visa information service to schedule the appointment and pay for the procedure.
  • Validate and confirm the appointment previously made on the website of the visa information service.
  • Go to the visa interview at the nearest consulate or embassy in the United States.
  • Conduct the interview and wait for approval.

Note: It is important to bring the receipt of payment in the interview, and a recent photograph (made in the last 6 months) in 5cm x 5cm measurements with a white background, in turn, it is necessary to have a valid and updated passport.

For more information about the telephones of the cities where to get an appointment for the American visa in Mexico, consult the link.

In it, you will see the different telephones and cities where you can make the process of the appointment for the American visa in Mexico.

American Visa for Pensioners and Older Adults of the Elderly

Request an American visa for seniors and seniors is usually one of the least complicated and simple visa procedures, because first, the applicant should not go to the consular appointment, and likewise it is not necessary to show evidence of income, property, vehicles in your name or bank accounts, or family or work ties.

Hence, the application for an American senior visa is an easy and quick process to carry out. It only requires that the applicant has never lived illegally in the country or violated its laws, or in the same way that their visas must not have been revoked or denied in advance. However, it is recommended to know all about medical care for tourists in the USA before embarking on their trip, because if there is a health problem in the United States, the costs will be very high.

The steps to follow to apply for an American visa for adults over eighty and sixty years are as follows:

  • The corresponding fees must be paid for the processing of a B1 / B2 visa, so it is suggested that you first inquire about the cost of the American visa.
  • Fill out the corresponding form, namely the DS-160 form, to subsequently deliver the required documentation to one of the branches of the correspondence office delegated by the embassy.
  • It is required to have the current passport and bring recent photographs of 5cm x 5cm to a white background, as well as the previous visa if you have one.
  • Subsequently, the applicant must create a user on the website of the corresponding visa information service, to request the order to send their documentation.

For more information, consult the following link on the pensioner’s visa

Generally, the procedures are very similar to a normal request, the only exception is the elimination of the final interview at the consulate or embassy.

In any of the cases, the purpose of these visas is to be able to remain in the United States for a previously justified time period, which may be the completion of a medical treatment or examination.

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