Android preferred network type keeps changing? [Here is a quick FIX]

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If your android preferred network type keeps changing, here is a quick fix for it.

Without finding a solution to this problem, your network connection may be disrupted by this auto network switch.

So you preferred network type is changing because you have not set the preference of your network type to what you prefer.

Depending on your phone, you may have network types ranging from 4G, 3G, and 2G.

Most android phones have the option to auto-select your network type depending on the location that you are in.

If you set your phone preferred network type to 4G/3G/2G (Auto) your phone will make use of the highest network available in your current location.

For example, if you are in a location that has a 4G network signal, your phone will automatically select the 4G network signal.

The same thing applies to other network signals.

If there is no 4G in your location but there are 3G and 2G, it will use the 3G signal, but if you still do not have either 4G or 3G; then your phone will be left with no option than to use the 2G signal.

With a 2G signal, your browsing experience would not be as fast as you would experience if you were on a 4G or 3G signal.

2G is one o the most common network types in rural areas.

So if your android phone keeps changing network types, not to worry, I will walk you through the steps to stop your phone from changing preferred network type.

Android preferred network type keeps changing – Solution

Before you make plans to stop your phone from auto changing network signals, you might want to know the network signal that is available in your locality.

The reason is that you are going to fix your phones preferred network to one particular network signal so it does not have to move from one signal to the other automatically.

The higher the network signal, the faster your browsing speed.

You should only settle for a 2G network signal if your locality has no coverage for 4G and 3G.

So if you have a 4G network coverage in your locality, use it. If you don’t have a 3G; then use the 3G signal.

From my android phone, there are radio buttons to select which network you would prefer using.

  • 4G/3G/2G (Auto)
  • 3G/2G
  • 3G only
  • 2G only

My most preferred choice, in this case, is “3G only”

You make your choice of the network depending on your location.

Note: Please do not choose any network that has forward slash for other network types, unless you want your network to auto switch to other network types.

Here is how to set your preferred network type on android

  • Navigate your phone setting
  • Tab on “mobile networks”
  • Then tab on “Preferred network type”
set your preferred network type on android

There you can choose a network type depending on the network coverage in your locality.

I hope this piece was helpful and could help you stop your android phone from auto changing preferred network.

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