Airtel talk more: Plans & activation codes

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Airtel talk more is one of the oldest tarrifs by Airtel.

I mean Airtel talk more has stayed active for years now.

In fact, there is no plans by the telecom providers to stop this service as they have launced new sets of ad campaigns promoting this service.

That is why I also have to talk more about this Airtel talk more 😆

This page promises to cover everything you need to know about Airtel talk more from the subscriptions plans to the validity periods.

There is nowhere else to get informed about Airtel talk more than here.

So stay glued as I share with you all you need to know about Airtel talk more.

So what is Airtel talk more?

In a Nigeria language, I would say Airtel talk more is “double money or awoof Airtime”

Not awoof airtime as such because you will be using your airtime to get 500% the value of your airtime.

You can use this airtime to call, text and browse.

For phone calls, the number that you are calling does not matter, this talk more airtime can call any network.

So if you have more of a varying network to call, not to worry, Airtel talk more has got you covered.

To make this tariff more interesting, you can use this talk more airtime for international calling.

This was the case of me calling the Godaddy support team using Airtel talk more airtime bundle.

Irrespective of the type of Airtel customer that you are, you can easily subscribe to airtel talk more and enjoy these amazing benefits.

You can also use this Airtel talk more airtime to browse the internet.

Though I strongly recommend buying a seperate data bundle to browse the internet.

Using the Airtel talk more balance to browse will get it exhauseted real quick.

How to check Airtel talk more balance

If you are subscribed to Airtel talk more, you will have your talk more balance shown to you each time you check your acccount balance using the regular code.

Talk more validity

The validity of each talk more airtime depends on the package you subscribed to.

Check the table validity on the validity column to know the validity period for each of the plans.

Airtel talk more codes and activation

Bundle Price Value Received Direct Purchase Code SMS Short Code Validity
₦60 ₦300 *234*60# Send TM60 to 234 3 Days
₦100 ₦500 *234*100# Send TM100 to 234 30 Days
₦150 ₦750 *234*150# Send TM150 to 234 30 Days
₦200 ₦1,000 *234*200# Send TM200 to 234 30 Days
₦250 ₦1,250 *234*250# Send TM250 to 234 30 Days
₦300 ₦1,500 *234*300# Send TM300 to 234 30 Days
₦500 ₦2,500 *234*500# Send TM500 to 234 30 Days
₦700 ₦3,500 *234*700# Send TM700 to 234 30 Days
₦1,000 ₦5,000 *234*1000# Send TM1000 to 234 30 Days
₦1,500 ₦7,500 *234*1500# Send TM1500 to 234 30 Days
₦3,000 ₦15,000 *234*30# Send TM3000 to 234 30 Days

You don’t need to migrate to any tariff plan to use Airtel talk more.

It’s open to all prepaid and postpaid Airtel customers.

If you have any question to this effect, do not hesitate to let us know about it.

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