Access bank acquires Diamond bank — Here is what you need to know

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Access bank acquires Diamond bank

If Access bank acquires Diamond bank what will happen?

Is it true that Access bank has acquired Diamond bank?

These and many more have been making the rounds since the news of Diamond bank acquisition broke out.

There has been a big piece of news in the Nigerian financial industry that Access bank has acquired Diamond bank, but how true is it.

A lot of Access bank customers have been searching the web to find out how true this story is, likewise Diamond bank customers.

So if it is true that Access bank has acquired Diamond bank what will happen to the Diamond customers and the funds in their respective bank accounts?

Since you are too eager to know about this news of Access bank acquiring Diamond bank, I want to tell you that it is no more new that Access bank has acquired Diamond bank.

However, there are a few things you need to know if you are a Diamond bank customer or staff.

This is a merge between the two banks to become Access bank so no need to panic.

They are not folding up.

In the first half of next year from the date of the publication of this article, this merge is expected to be completed and have all Diamond bank branches branded as Access bank.

What to do as a Diamond bank customer as Access bank takes over

Access bank acquiring Diamond bank is not the first company acquiring a competing company.

Just like one of the recent deals which Etisalat NG was acquired and re-branded as 9mobile.

Even after the re-branding, all the services remained uninterrupted.

So the case of Access bank and Diamond bank cannot be exceptional.

As a Diamond bank customer, you have no reason to worry about your funds as all the databases with customers will all be handed over to Access bank.

All the Diamond bank services you used to enjoy before this acquisition by Access will all remain intact.

Now you know you don’t have to worry as a customer.

How about the staffs?

What to do as a Diamond bank staff as Access bank takes over

This news of Access bank acquiring Diamond bank is most heart-breaking to the staffs.

If you permit me to say this bitter truth, I will say that a lot of Diamond bank staffs will lose their jobs once the deal is sealed.

After migration, it will be Access bank and no more Diamond bank, what that implies is that they may be coming with a different workforce entirely.

But my earnest prayer for you is that you will be among those that will be retained to work with the new Access bank.

I will advise that you have this in mind so that you may not be totally disappointed.

Here are a few things I would advise:

  • Minimize your spending because right now, the future is so uncertain.

Engage in other office related business should in case the water is not stirred in your favor.

You can start a finance blog, from the experience you’ve had in the finance industry working for the bank, I bet you will perform incredibly well.

For those of you who have been asking if Access bank has acquired Diamond bank, now you know the truth about the whole story.

I didn’t just tell you the truth about the story but also what you need to do as a customer or a staff.

If have a question you wish to convey to me, do not fail to let me know.

Remember, you can contact me at any time.

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