5 powerful low budget phones one can get in Nigeria

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Even with your low budget, there is a phone for you.

That is why I’m sharing these 5 powerful low budget phones one can get in Nigeria

Tech companies which are responsible for making gadgets such as phones and laptops are purely in the quest of making money.

How may you ask? Well, they keep on producing new gadgets and expecting their existing users to throw their old makes away and get a new one.

This is seen with the iPhone series and even that of Samsung.

The thing is, these companies just find various ways to appeal to the hearts and minds of their users which compels them to get their latest products.

The truth is, majority of the people who seek after these new and prominent phones do not really know what they are after, as they only want to follow the latest trend.

This post will be enlightening you on phones which will suit your every need being a heavy or light user, as well as fit into your budget.

The first Android phone I ever used was the Tecno D5 and at the time of the purchase, Tecno Android devices were just coming up.

This device made me so frustrated to the extent that I had to sell it at half the price I bought it just a week after.

This is a challenge many also go through today, buying a phone and then end up being frust

Below is a list of powerful phones you can get for a low budget.

1. FERO ROYALE X2 (45,000) — Most people have specific needs while getting a particular brand of phone.

It ranges from camera, battery, fast browsing (4g network) and more.

However, these aren’t really the things one should look out for while getting a phone. There is nothing more frustrating than a freezing device.

This makes memory capacity the primary thing one should look out for before including whatever specific need one may desire while getting a phone.

The FERO ROYALE X2 comes with the following key features:

  • 3gb RAM, 32gb ROM (inbuilt memory) and a 1.2GHz quad-core CPU
  • 2inch screen size with HD resolution
  • Comes with Android nougat (7.0) operating system
  • Camera: 13MP Rear and 8MP front
  • Up to 4g network
  • Fingerprint
  • 4000mah battery

The FERO ROYALE may not be sleek in design, but with the powerful specifications it possesses, this device can be used for HD gaming experience and hardcore usage without the user ever having to worry about it freezing.

To also enjoy maximum usage, it is also advisable for users to avoid allowing the device memory to become full.

2. INFINIX HOT 6 PRO (54,000) — Did you know that Infinix and Tecno are actually the same company?

My guess is you didn’t, it came as a shock to me, too.

While to many they are like competitors, they are not, and the current fuse about which is better only means more sales for the mother company.

The INFINIX HOT 6 PRO is currently one of Infinix latest products and it is at the moment being sort after by all Infinix users.

The device is powerfully packed and it’s coupled with a sleek design.

Below are the key features of INFINIX HOT 6 PRO:

  • Dual sim
  • 6-inch screen with HD resolution and LCD display
  • Android 8.0
  • 32gb rom, 3gb ram and 1.4GHz quad-core processor
  • 13MP back camera and 5MP front
  • 4g lite network
  • Fingerprint
  • Face ID
  • 4000mah battery

INFINIX has been in the market longer than FERO which to some extent makes the former a better product than the later.

Other than its size and design, the first and second products are quite the same in capacities.

3. LENOVO K5 PLAY (40,000) — When you talk about sleekness and beauty, the LENOVO K5 PLAY is the one for you.

People like going for known products without actually having an idea what these other products have got. The LENOVO K5 is a great product for a great prize, below are it’s key features.

  • 7-inch screen
  • Fingerprint and face ID
  • 32gb rom, 3gb ram and 1.4GHz octa core processor
  • Dual rear camera, 13 + 2MP and 5MP front camera
  • 3000mah with 4g network.

The Lenovo K5 is a great product with a sleek design and good specification which will serve all your needs regardless of the kind of usage carried out on it.

For just ₦40,000, I don’t see any product better. However, Lenovo are still a new company and a few reports has shown that their earlier products were fragile.

4. TECNO CAMON X (53,000) — When I first read about this product, my first thought was this phone is a beast.

Below are it’s features/specifications.

  • 6inch with HD resolution
  • 32gb rom, 3gb ram and 2.0 GHz octa core processor
  • 3750mah with 4gb network capacity
  • 16MP Rear camera with 20MP front camera
  • Face ID and fingerprint

For the selfie lovers, this is the perfect device. Coupled with the memory capacity and RAM, this phone possesses both speed, beauty and efficiency. With this, I don’t see what else anyone would want.

5. GIONEE X1S (53,000 and 35,000) — I got this phone for my friend 3 months ago for 41,000 in jumia, but last I checked the price went up to 57,000 and then to 53,000.

But now, it is currently sold for 35,000 probably due to jumia’s promo as at the time of updating this post.

Why the price has been fluctuating is beyond me but here is why I think this product is great.

Speaking from personal experience, this device is both strong physically and in capacity.

This phone once fell on a tarred road from a moving vehicle but had no scratch on it. In operating capacity, however, the device possesses the following specifications.

  • 2inch and LCD display
  • Rear camera 13MP and a 16MP front camera
  • 32gb rom coupled with 3gb ram and 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 4000mah battery with 4g network

If anyone wishes to acquire this device, now would be a great time to do so by capitalizing on jumia’s discount.

This list maybe biased but please know that it is based on my research, so if you feel otherwise or know a device which should be on the list but isn’t, we did like your opinion on the comment section.

You will find all the devices listed above at an even more affordable price than mentioned in any retail shops closest to you but for ease, you can utilize ecommerce websites such as jumia and konga.rated by it.

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