10 most affordable flat screen TVs to get

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Since the beginning of the world, there have always been the wealthy, the middle class and the poor, that has not changed and I don’t think it ever will.

It’s not too long I wrote about the most sophisticated televisions to get for your apartment, but taking the not too wealthy people into consideration, it is important you also share the most affordable flat screen TVs to buy.

For the sake of sake of intending flat screen TV users with a minimal budget.

Various manufacturing companies understand this fact which is why phones, laptops, electronics, and various other products all have categories which suit every particular type of person regardless of their budgets.

One of the problems which many Nigerians have faced in their quest for affordable electronics such as televisions is not knowing what to look for when they walk into a retail shop.

However, if you are a bachelor or an individual who is just starting up and feel like purchasing a television set or you are just in a search for affordable/budget friendly televisions, then this post is for you.

Below are 10 of the most affordable televisions one can get in no particular order of preference.

NOTE: this list is uniquely compiled by this blog and it does not follow any particular order or arrangement.

  1. HISENSE N2176F

HISENSE is currently dominating the electronics world and particularly in Nigeria.

The company is a China based company which has been around for quite some time but have only started dominating the Nigeria marketplace recently.

One of the qualities I enjoy about the HISENSE products are its sleek designs as well as its affordability.

The HISENSE N2176F comes with the following capabilities.

  • 40inch with LED and a full high definition display
  • HDMI and USB are available
  • Digital audio out

If you are in need of a wonderful and colorful TV, this is the one for you.


The thing is, I guess if you actually seek affordable television sets or gadgets as a whole, you have to be willing to try out new and unfamiliar products.

The BRUHM has been in existence for over 50 years, and they were founded by Ram Mohinani who is also the founder of Mohinani groups in which the BRUHM brand falls under.

Below are the products specs.

  • 32inch with a high brightness LED contract as well a digital process for pictures and audio
  • Super slim
  • Supports HD TV components signal input
  • Quality sound system

This product is a beauty to behold and I believe it will be a nice choice should you choose to purchase it, and if you are scared or uncertain of its durability, the product comes with up to 2 years’ warranty depending on the vendor you got it from.

  1. TCL 32D2900 (47,000)

TLC is another Chinese cooperation which has been in existence since 1981 which makes it quite a reliable company on my part. The term TLC originally means telephone communication limited. The industry is responsible for developing Tv sets, mobile phones and many other technologies. With years in the business, this gives the TLC brand some form or stability. The product comes with the following qualities.

  • 32inch with full HD which is 2x the quality of normal high definition
  • Dolby digital sound system
  • Smart volume
  • Parental control
  • USB and HDMI

This product is a great one for those seeking low budget TV sets.


This is probably one of the cheapest TVs in this list of affordable flat screen TV sets to buy but I guess that’s because of its specifications.

Below are the features of POLYSTAR PVHD22D15E

  • 22 inch with colorful LED display
  • HDMI and USB
  • High contract ratio
  • User-friendly interface

As a student, youth corper or someone seeking something light for a small apartment or for your sitting room, this is the perfect choice for you as it is both affordable and not too large.

  1. COOCAA 40E2A12G (65,000)

I am guessing you asking what kind of name is this, well don’t focus on the name but on what this little baby right here comes with.

Below are some of its features.

  • 40inch LED screen
  • Stereo audio
  • USB and HDMI
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cutting-edge display which brings pictures to life.

This is a smart TV which will bring your home to life.


If you didn’t know Haier Thermocool (HT) manufactured electronics such as televisions, you now know.

Thermocool has been in electronics manufacturing for ages and they currently produce one of the best types of fridges in the world today.

This doesn’t mean all their products are great but am sure they wouldn’t jeopardize years of hard work by building sloppy TVs.

This product comes with the following features.

  • 42inch with high definition display
  • Smart volume
  • Satellite connectivity
  • Smart tv with 8gb memory storage and wifi enabled
  • Child lock and many more incredible features.

Smart simply means fast, and this TV gives you smart.


The product doesn’t come with a specific name other than the features which it possesses listed below.

  • 32 inch with high definition display
  • USB and HDMI
  • Automatic/smart volume leveler
  • Cutting-edge display and more.

A lot isn’t known about this product, but with its price and warranty, I guess it can be trusted.

I Have also seen reviews from a lot of buyers which says they are satisfied with the product.

  1. LG 43LJ500

Like I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, LG is one of my favorite electronic brands.

Majority of the electronics I have used in my short lifetime are LG products and I can vouch for their efficiency, as well as their sleek designs.

The LG43LJ500 may not be the most sophisticated on the list nor cheapest, but it is a great and fairly affordable product.

Below are what to expect from the TV.

  • 43inch with full HD resolution
  • 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB
  • 2 times the resolution of standard HD with lifelike images.
  • Virtual surround sound with 2 channel built-in speakers.

The LG43LJ500 isn’t smart nor does it possess 4k display. Still this a good television to acquire on a low budget.


KONKA is another Chinese cooperation which has been around for quite a while.

This product provides affordability and many great qualities coupled with up to 2 years’ warranty depending on the store from which it was purchased.

This product possesses the following features.

  • 43 inch digital LED TV with
  • Enriched visual enjoyment
  • Quality sound system
  • LG panel
  • USB with HDMI

If you seek a low budget with quality, this product is for you.

  1. AMANI 17850

This product and the company responsible for its production aren’t that popular especially in Nigeria, but they produce a wonderful and affordable TV set.

Below are it’s featured.

  • 20 inch with ultra-high definition display
  • Slim casing
  • USB and HDMI
  • Crispy clear sound delivered through Samsung’s advance clear motion
  • Smart Tv with touchscreen

This Tv set is a great smart Tv for a low budget.


It was almost Christmas as at the time of updating this post, so if you looking for a new touch in your home, you could walk into any shop and request for any of the above TV sets or you can order up from Nigeria e-commerce platforms.

Do you have any question bothering you regarding these affordable flat screen TVs to get for your apartment? Leave it in the comment.

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